This is a long awaited posting for me, but is happening after a much needed break. Thanks for the tolerance guys! Like we do with all new things, i thought of starting this blog with a post dedicated to the Almighty and our celebration towards his existence in our mind, heart, soul and lives.

23rd September was the day this year (2010) when the 10 day festival celebrated in the name of Lord Ganesha ended with the procession called Ganpati Visarjan. Its a big festival for every Indian and specially Maharashtrians. So, I was lucky to be at Pune on the day to catch the fervor, the celebration, the spirit! Here’s a glimpse of the day :

Immersing the idols as the final ritual of the festival……pudcha varshi, lavkar ya!

encased, just in case!

we watch you go, only to wait for your arrival

I felt particularly nice about the people who were working to clean up the mess as much as possible.

These guys, were busy catching coconuts….no matter what their motto, but were doing good πŸ™‚

this chap was smart to tie a thermocol piece to keep the trap floating. nice na?

no matter what the occasion, when duty calls, dress up and show up!

all eyes on possible victims! life guard with the accessories..

the final prayers for the festival…

Its good if he doesn’t see the pollution levels. He may not like it there for sure πŸ™‚

Visarjan…the bad way (but the traditional way)..

Visarjan…the goodway (though the modern way)… I was very happy for people who cared to dip the idols in the tanks build by municipality. I dont condemn people who do otherwise, but i strongly feel that its high time we rethink our rituals and do our part to save some earth for our children…the coming generations!

There are lot more fotos left for this post, but considering that you keep quite busy to go through all of them at one shot….i will keep posting the rest in intervals. Visit back for more in 3 days πŸ™‚

Jai Ganesh!


In the name of God…

here they come…

I am extremely allergic to these colors and as a matter of fact, am scared of going out on such occasions only for the fear of these colors. People here though are kind enough not to force you into such colorful indulgence πŸ™‚

the color bombs, like a bloon…

Am not sure, but feel that if theres one big idol for one quarter of the city and so on, then we have just 4 processions with large gatherings and competitions on the dance and music, may be it would be much more fun and save lot more pollution of all kinds. It seems impossible though coz we Indians love to keep everything personal! πŸ˜€ Ganpati ji crossing roads with himself….