We may be one bunch of big time conservatives and we socialize only for the sake of not being addressed as rude, but there’s a definite face to us which is always eager to smile, cheer and make merry. Within us, that urge to be out on street, be loud and dance like mads, is always thumping against our nerve walls.

Here’s a glimpse of it, at one such occasion which is nothing but an excuse for us to be ourselves…..dance, sing, yell, roll and hug every buddy available around……all this…….. just to make ourselves feel more alive!

Here they come!

….with the color balloons…… bursting with their arrival news!

we know we can dance well, lemme show… πŸ˜€

these colors are something that i cant stand personally. Boy! they burn my skin. Its the only reason, why i never dared to go visit these processions but this time for the love of photography, i went out and the people were kind not to pull me in…..perhaps they wanted someone clean to picture them. hahah!

They dont seem really happy do they? heheh! perhaps am distracting their rhythm πŸ˜€

Ganpati bappa crossing roads with himself!!! its not everyday that HE sees Himself, right? Lol!

And when HE is around in his full fervor, the demons stand aside and watch in terror! πŸ™‚

thats what we celebrate….the elimination of evil within us…

I just love the sound of these drums…..drummer i’ve been so…..If by any chance you have ever been in Pune or any part of M.H. on Ganpati Visarjan day, you would know the thrill am talking about. It just raises the spirit to such levels that u forget all pains….

…..and we dance n dance n dance, come what may…Β  πŸ˜€

also, if you’ve ever been to M.H, you will know what Ganpati dance means! Thats one dance form that we all are good at (even if you havent seen it yet, trust me! :D)

I had great fun that day. People when they see some huge SLR at ur hands, they make way to get themselves pictured. I have never been treated with so much welcome, that people would shoo off the bystanders to make my work easierΒ  πŸ™‚

and that happened to an extent that one of the white-uniforms (the neta/politician group) pulled me around to take pictures from all angles of their procession. Not even that, he made his “Mukhya Adhyaksh” (the chief) to dance in front of my camera. Can u believe that? Here he is on the right:

I remember my childhood days when we would wait eagerly for this day coz that would be the only day when we got chance to climb up a tempo or tractor or even a hand-trolly, to take our colony’s Ganpati idol for the procession. No matter how much the parents would yell, we used to get immunized in the noise ;))Β  to do such stunts:

and ofcouse! irritating the grown-ups was always fun…..

Needless to say, the end of day would be epitome of tiredness…though we never felt the tiredness. hahah! The place, posture or surrounding would never matter……all we did wereΒ  SLEEP!!!!

Boy! i miss those days. Wish i could be a child again. Never to bother about the people around or about being mannered or something. World was our playground and all we bothered about was how to extract more fun out of it.

For all the good times we had and we could have every day we are alive…..heres a prayer that ‘may Lord bless such shameless happiness’Β  πŸ˜€


Please visit back on Sunday to watch this celebration with Night-Goggles ON! Β Β  πŸ˜‰