By nature, we were basically designed to function in broad day light and perhaps that instinct to defy natural laws is what makes us love the night life much more than our ancestors did. In fact, we are in a age where celebration time is obviously considered for night only, what say? 🙂

after all its all about MONEY, honey!

yeah DJ!  please dont stop the music!

when i get older i’l be stronger, they will call me freedom just like a waving flag

the crack pots 😉

vigilance on top!

its not yet time to rest. One poor kid has fallen off…now the loud music or the heavy crowd, nothing bothers absolutely~

God! as saints say….should be felt within our hearts!

Only HE can light up the dark….we are mere followers of the light he showers on us!

and thats what we celebrate…..thats why we believe in HIM….thats what we worship HIM for!  Celebrating Peace!

All God is One, right Papa?! Yes Sweetheart!

No further comments. If you saw the pictures, you get the picture 🙂

See you all in 3 days. Please visit back for my first ever post on a trial to teach you something about photography. I will start with the simple aspects of what your camera can do to take better pictures and later some other day we will go to the complex genesis.

Happy living guys!