hey everybody!
long time, no see? How have you been? Its been extremely long i know, since this place is down. Well, am not putting up any excuse but i was busy wid my marriage 😀
It was extremely hectic and unfortunately i didnt have enough leaves to spend some relaxed shopping/preperation time wid family. Hope you all had a great festive season and still going on with the spirits.
So i will zip from when i left this place deserted. So this post is going to be a long one 🙂  Diwali is the earliest time i remember when my retrun was expected (well atleast by me :D) On diwali evening i was on a round trip to my city (Pune) to catch a glimpse of how it was doing. Here’s a view from the NDA road….the highest point i could think of to get an almost arial view:

Heres how my worship place looked like…Hollywood Gurudwara at Camp:

Thats the latest jumbo KFC outlet at Deccan (am awaiting a long pending treat from one of my sweethearts here :D)

And to touch the other last end of Pune on the evening, heres my favourite hangout place…Kalyani Nagar (the place that hosts the largest crowd of hot chicks 🙂

And not to mention, i had so much to eat all the time be it because of festivals or coz of my marriage ceremonies….i had to keep my jaws smooth functioning with different greasing oils 😀

just kidding…these are one of the sauces for the grilled delicacies served at Barbecue Nation (Shastri Nagar).

And obviously, i am such an munching machine when it comes to non-veg that i eat up the forks sometimes 😀

Oops! wife calling…..listen guys, i gotta go to the kitchen to help my sweetheart. I will catch up with you all very shortly (no kidding this time) to continue with the rest of the journey. I know, times have changed and better if we all accept it, its not hard to maintain a day job with this passion, but its not easy to satisfy a new bride parallel to these two 😦

Hehhehe! Am goin to see you back before Christmas and will talk more. Till then happy merry making guys! Chill and Rock on! Tadaa….

23 – Dec

Hey!  i got time from the kitchen. Hahhaha!

Well, i returned to this post since i couldnt wind up this Diwali coverage. I know i know. This is nowhere as interesting as you would least expect from a post at this site, but i gotta bore you with all the work since i work hard to present these pics to you yaar! Fine? heheh! This is how S.G.S mall at Mahatma Gandhi road looked like that day

I went to Shaniwar Wada expecting that there would be a huge show of candles and diyas and also lot of fireworks and sorts, but was deeply disappointed to see the silence there

Whatever. I had a great end on the eve with my very close friend Jery and his wife at Barbecue nation. The grilled delicacies, nice cocktails and nice live music…..made my festive day alive 🙂  And while returning home it was close to 12:30. Air in the city had gone extremely heavy with all the smoke of crackers and fog