Me back! me back!….as promised. Yuppiee šŸ˜€Ā  Ahem! sorry! Actually its a huge delight when you can squeeze out some time for yourself when you are surrounded by a demanding monitor called “spouse”. Hihihi!
Like I told you in last post, marriage kept me busy the whole of Nov and almost whole of Dec with shopping and stuff and the pretty part…..the extreme urge to enjoy the left out bachelorhood days to the fullest.

I had a grand time with friends, roaming all around the city and in outskirts as well. On any given day i would be doing shopping (or atleast window shopping) for atleast 3 hours and the windup after dinner would have all our energies ousted. Thats my tired limb on left and my roomie Shanu’s on right on one such night outside Mc’D




The weather was kind and wonderful almost on all days but few days were splurged with terrific rains. Its great to have rains when you are at your balcony with your close buddies munching hot crisps and frothing tea, but not when you are out with a purpose šŸ˜¦




But ye! once its done, you find a lot of dull surroundings live up with brightness and life




Specially the flora and fauna become more vivid than usual. By the way, this one below echoes my mood swings during those frenzy shopping days.

really guys, it gets real frustrating when you exhaust yourself for 3 hours or so and realize that only a tie for the marriage eve was purchased. Duhh! and everybody loves to pop the quote without losing even a second “dude! marriage is a once in lifetime affair, so enjoy it”Ā  Heheh! Yeah yeah!



What you think of at such a tiring time is nothing but a nice candle lit dinner with your love…the warmth of ambiance and love too šŸ™‚




and once you gulp down 2 pegs or so, then you may find beauty in everything, be it wife’s scolding or the last sip in the glass šŸ™‚




You start looking at everything very closely and appreciate it too šŸ˜€

yup! its personal experience šŸ˜€



I went around almost all places i could manage in between the hectic office – shopping shuttle. Heres an aerial view of Lavasa city covered in one of those last bachelor weekends. Its a really beautiful place to be, awesome atmosphere, clean air, clear roads, no noise hangout areas and lot of sports n adventure options….lastly, an amazing option for romantics like me šŸ™‚




By the way if you are roaming with your beloved one anywhere near Pune, then dont miss out on Panchgani. I made a trip to there as well and this time spent whole eve at Mapro garden. Its a beautiful place. Once you are there, find the prettiest flower you can spot and compare it your sweetheart just to electrify the moment šŸ˜‰




Thats it! then you can sit and relax with your buddies and leave her with her friends šŸ˜‰Ā  Hihihi. Dont be a lone ranger at such places




If you are lucky to have a clear weather, then there is nice sit out at the back end of the garden to enjoy the marvelous sunsets.

Panchgani is a terrific place in total and if you got more spare time, do check out Mahabaleshwar too, which is just few more kms from here. Anyways, my days at shopping and all these roaming around was fantastic and just to tip off the news, the marriage too went equally beautiful and hectic šŸ˜€

So, what plans for Christmas and New year guys? Am going on another travel spree this time around. Will catch up with you all very soon. One of my close friend Manish said its better to post a line or two even if am going too busy than wait a month to come up with a standard post. What say? šŸ™‚

Merry Christmas to you all sweethearts. Have a terrific festive season and dont forget to delight the little ones around with nice gifts. Enjoooyyyyy!!! Love you! God Bless!