Hi folks!
How did Christmas go by? Still up with the festive fervor or not? 🙂 Most of you must be having guests at home these days or must be guest at someone’s home (like me :D). If thats the case, then make this years festival time a memerobilia by trying some fashion fotography at home. Howzzat?
Naah! Dont take it tough, we dont want to take breathtaking shots, our purpose is to have loads of fun and have a gala time with our beloved ones. In this post, I will spare some ideas to ease your thought process 🙂

Meanwhile i did a portfolio shoot for an aspiring model. He is doing pretty well considering his nill experience in the field and is an salaried employee like me who is least willing to continue the same for rest of his life. If you find him flawed by any means, it has to be lack of skill and experience on my part. Let me introduce you to my first ever model Ranjeet:

OK, so when we try our modeling at home with our parents, in-laws, spouse, friends dress them up in loud colors. Have fun in the process of dressing them up and doing some real whacky makeup 😉

One of the first tricks to try on the photography part is to darken the entire room and then load ur model with too many lights. Try all sorts of funny lights using table lamps, torches etc. Get some color gel papers (the plastic papers we used in childhood) from a stationary shop and try colored lighting on your guest….this works best on ur friends 🙂

Ask them to pose like in advertisements….. by holding a washing soap, a shiny plate, the saree, flashy gadgets that u got/bought recently on Christmas, their bikes etc etc.

One of the best shot you can get is by making funny faces or weird mix and match dressing

To tell you the truth, model photography is an extremely complicated business. Your skill alone wont work. So, pump some attitude into ur model, ask your dad to propose your mom in Bond style or ask your sis to be the tomboy 😀

Lie them down with lot of props and try shooting from top or vice versa

Ask them to flaunt their best assets 😉

Or take them out in broad day light and ask them to make amazing poses in air. Make them jump and make poses. This goes great for group photos

Another superb idea is to take half face shots. Cover half their faces (horizontally or vertically) with interesting props like fish bowl, teddy or toys etc. These come out pretty well with expressive people

Lastly if you are not in for any of these, take them up to terrace and place the nature at some interesting anlge. Do something other than the usual sun and mountain at face level

Before i wind up, I thank Ranjeet for putting his trust on me. Its a big deal on his part to rest his starting portfolio (resume) for his dream career in the hands of an amateur like me. It was a great learning experience for both of us and we had great fun making all this work.

Hope my contribution to jazz up your new year celebrations works well for all of you. If there is anything that you tried and worked for you, please do share it with me at bimalenator@gmail.com. I would be really happy to see how your creativity spiced up this year’s new year party. Have fun folks and wish you all a great New year vacation/holiday/weekend. Love ya all!