Hi folks!
Howz everything going buddies? Hope that the new year is going as great as you thought it to be. If its not so, do believe that its goin so, you bet it will come true 🙂

Meanwhile my new year eve went by at one of my childhood friends home. It was a nice family get together with his family and one of our elder brother and their family. When I say elder’s family…kids become obvious members 😀
I was on a different project this time. Aim was to get some silhoutte shots. If you remember my photo tutorial, i had explained what silhoutte means and how to achieve it. You may refresh the technique from the post here: photog-tuto-i

this image is from Tapo-Van in Nasik which hails the one and only temple of Lord Lakshman.




Believe it or not, with crawling kids around, the days passed by in hours and the week passed by like a day. It used to be fabulously busy and eventful. Heres my bhaiya with his daughter in arms 🙂




He has a son too who is almost an landmine. You leave him somewhere with anything new that he has not seen recently and he would keep busy for about an hour (depending on how much he knows the subject :D) and thereafter he is sure going to explode your brains out by his daredevil stunts 🙂




Having food for your yourself becomes an chance to be grabbed without losing time 😀




And toys become your daily obstacles….and sometimes your object of admiration as well. They become gateway to your beloved memories of the beautiful childhood we have had 🙂




She is my cousin looking up to her dad requesting if he would take her too out. So sweet they look with such innocent requests but for a parent, they know what kinda headache it is to carry them around when you are in hurry 😀




and once their whining and sobbing about the refusal to take them out settles down, they once again become the lovely daughter who is always on the lookout for her man….her father!




Its hard to spot a thinking machine like a dad on any given day. He is thoughtful, caring, bold and very very soft from inside. You can rarely make out from his face as to whats going on within his head and heart….he is one of my most respected brothers, a great man!




I had a great time playing all sorts of kiddish games, becoming kids with them, crawling around, making noises and getting excited about any silly thing that happens around. It was a lovely time becoming a kid back again. On the terrace during one of those moments…..my childhood passion….flying kites 🙂



Be a kid whenever you get a chance…..and enjoy the world that lord created for us. Believe me its more beautiful than you could ever imagine, when seen through a child’s eye 🙂