Ahhh! mmmm….frankly speaking i was wondering as to what to post over here from quite few days. I mean, what am i doing with my days over here? Am taking pictures every now and then, crazily deleting almost all of them that i dont feel like sharing with you all and at the end of it all what i get is few page visits and some very comments rarely.

Show me the light lord!

by the way, this is how the soothing soft lights at suburban restaurants look on the inner side.




Meanwhile, am doing my job, handling my wife, catering to my passion, maintaining time with my friends……but still am lacking the spirit to cheer up every day morning and wake up with a charge to have another wonder photographic day. God give me light!





Sometimes i feel whether am worth anything?! Phah! I am into software, into photography, into counseling and yet am not classy at anything. God give me light!




You know what? sometimes even my wife laughingly yells at me “useless!!!” Hehe….ye i do feel that too. God show me the light God!




Yet then, sometimes i fell ….am not that bad either. Atleast i have a harmless heart man! Comeon! God enlighter this poor soul!




If by any chance my feelings echo with those of yours, then rest assured that there is light at the end of tunnel……provided u are looking for it and walking in search of it. I know it for sure because i have found the light many a times, only to lose it over and over again šŸ™‚


Somehow i love the walk in search of light. Lets keep walking.