hi folks!

Like always i’ve again put a big gap between my last post and this one….and like always, i would again remind myself that am testing all my viewer’s patience, which i should avoid at all costs 🙂  Humfff! Life is such a hectic runway! Anyways guys, i was preparing the next tutorial on photography in Manual mode today, by all means i wanted to post and share all the knowledge i have with you all, but just some time ago my old friends called up and have chalked out a beach trip tomorrow. So, i gotta go to sleep since its already 1.16 am.

So here i start again on the walk in search of light, like this beautiful little colorpinch 🙂




watching things around that are illuminated uneven..




and sometimes partial to few lucky souls..



whats most amazing is that few non living souls too come in search of it….out from the deep blue sea and leave back imprints those of real beings….doesnt this look like an octopus?




not always from the deep down, but sometimes on the surface itself…but grated from inner layers ….as though tattoo art




and then as soon as you look up, there is such a huge assurance that light is all around for the one who looks for it…



it all comes to me when am all alone, talking to the Lord and discussing answers of the unknown questions. He always shows me my reflection in a different perspective….interesting enough to irk my subsided excitement and plunge for another endeavor..


So, here i go on another trip…

Hope you all have an equally enthusiastic plan for the coming weekend. Have fun and dont forget to catch up with your beloved ones 🙂   …cheers!