Howz everything going buddy? Life’s cool is it? ๐Ÿ™‚
Naah….i didnt say anything ๐Ÿ˜€ Sometimes it is cool man! There is pleasure in being with a gang and there is even deeper pleasure in being alone to be with oneself. Just sitting and talking to things around




For some, the world is a playground. All they are interested in, is having fun. Just doing their own thing. They dont care who is watching, who is amused or annoyed, they just do what the love to do




If you really do what you love doing, i bet that every morning is something you eagerly look forward to




and for such lucky souls, time, place or situation are matterless. They are never in a hurry to get something done before its dark. You go circles around them to figure out how can something ridiculous can be a subject of interest to them!




Did i make you feel that am referring to myself by calling “them”?! hehehe! Well, am still on the same boat as yours, am not still as lucky as this guy down there. Am talking about one of those careless happy souls like him :




Theres no one evaluating his daily output, no one to bother him for not eating what he doesnt like, no one to ask him if he finished his work/homework or not…..just plain simple life….a life filled with journeys that lead to exploring something new every single day!




And we all are as tiny as this guy above (as tiny as he appears to us) in this big universe where the Lords up above are careless of what we achieved everyday. He is just monitoring if you are being a pain to some other creation of Him. Live and let live, He too will ๐Ÿ™‚ย  Its a really big world out there and we are here just to admire every bit of it and learn to derive pleasure from them all..




If you doubt this, take a walk along the silent coast at early dawn and you would realize the fun of being alone, being silent, able to listen to the calmness outside, just muting the constant noise within our heads, tearing our eyes wide open to gather every corner of that beauty in one single frame. Life is good! You just need to look around for the goodness. I didnt watermark or border the below image coz i didnt want to restrict that view…..i feel like its endless when i look at it and though its not an amazing shot or something, but i love watching it in full frame……….it really soothes my head, which otherwise is deprived of the pleasure of looking beyond few yards, living in this concrete jungle!

You may click this image to view the enlarged one and keep it if you like it ๐Ÿ™‚


Oh! by the way, if anyone is wondering what that is in the night shot above…its the stars. Those are called star trails.ย  Those little arcs you see are the star’s change in position as the earth rotates in about 17 minutes. These trails will look longer as the time of observation increases. If it sounds confusing, hang on till i come up with my next post where am going to teach you taking pictures in manual mode…..taking such pictures too ๐Ÿ™‚

With that, i take part fellas! Take care and have fun.