Past few days, i’ve been going through the peaks of a sinusoidal wave, on top at an hour and at the bottom at next. These are times that test my patience, that brings out the affirmative of how strong I am about my motives and dreams. I always come to you all during such times and feel enlightened at the end of our talks!

During college days, i remember there used to be a lot of buzz and preparation about a question that we all heard was a regular one during HR round of campus recruitment’s “where do you see yourself in next 5 years?” For a moment, give it a thought…

…..and that used to take me to a blank point. Frankly, i had no sincere answer to that, back then. I was like “forget 5 years, am I right now seeing myself where i want to be?”!!!

I get to talk over this matter a lot these days, since lot of my cousins are either getting into college or are just out of it. So, heres a question for you all to debate….How do you know if you are on the right road?


I still feel that we as children are forced to make a career decision when we have no idea what a right or wrong career would do to our lives! A normal student at the end of 12th standard or junior college, doesnt even know what lies at the end of a B.E or B.A or B.C.A or M.B.B.S etc etc. One wrong turn, and it may narrate the end of an amazing career. Its tricky! and its pretty dangerous!

Coming back to us. We overcame that phase, we are now 2, 5 or 10 years into the industry that our education or situations led us to. Ask yourself the same question now “where do you see yourself 5 years down the line?” The answer that comes out will tell a lot about how much you are aware ofย  your industry and about your own dreams. When searching for an answer, if you feel agitated and irritated, dont worry, you have millions of others on the same boat. The agitation ensures that you are not sure! ๐Ÿ™‚



Believe me, it takes lot of courage and wisdom to face that question. It sounds simple and silly, but is a large door to millions of unanswered queries within you. Start looking for those answers. Whether you get it or not, you will not repent the effort spent on it.

Its a crime not to see yourself ahead of time and its very comfortable to ignore the future and live in present. You may say “thats what the art of Zen is”. But the art of Zen applies to your sense of freedom and mental peace. Its there to teach you how to be calm and still on the surface. The waves deep under is the real sea, whom no one can beat. So, if you are ignoring your inner fight, you are doing a big mistake!

It will perhaps take a lifetime to convince yourself and your beloved ones (parents, life partner etc) that you see yourself as the next Giorgio Armani, or Picasso, or Michael Jordan, or Sachin, or Richard Gere, or Vijay Mallya, or Shakespeare or some such great star! But the point is that you should take a turn if you feel you are on the wrong road. Plan, plot, analyse and jump off the cliff. Theres nothing wrong in taking a u-turn and walk a new way to chase the career you are meant for. What drives you crazy is perhaps what you should follow.




Yet again, you will find it equally difficult to discover what you are crazy about. Generally the place to start the search would be a deep, long look into your childhood. What was it that drove you crazy during childhood? A lot of silly things will flash in front of you, but dont worry, keep looking and when you see what you are looking for, you will know it! You will sense it automatically ๐Ÿ™‚

Being on the right road is a thing of life long judgment. You will never walk the perfect way, no matter how far sighted you are or how great godfathers you got. The point is to be sure about your way on the broader terms. If you are a fish, you should be sure that you are striving and struggling to reach the water, not the sand. And if you are not sure of that direction, God save you!

You will pass by a lot of things on your way, which will tempt you, will look more worthwhile, but you have to believe in yourself, in your dreams and keep walking. As they say “Nobody said its going to be easy, but its going to be worth it”

Its easier said than done to tread the path less beaten. But oh God! What a life it would be to walk my own dreams and be there where i always wanted to be! ๐Ÿ™‚

Cheers for life!