Hi folks!
Whats up? Hope life is doing justice to you 🙂
Well, i had a great weekend past to past weekend 😀 Yea! a long time ago, if we actually talk in terms of working days. But aa! i work as a photographer only on weekends you see? 😀

Anyways, i was at the house of the CEO of Midas Touch Consultants, Pune. It was an awesome shoot that day, though the photos didnt come out the way i envisioned.

So here’s Radha Giri, CEO Midas Touch. I have worked under her long back and frankly, she has an aura that can keep you wired in an field of continuous performance and sense of accountability. When you are dealing with her, every thing you do and every word you speak has to make sense. She doesn’t impose that, but her aura does….I guess that’s what makes her a CEO figure.

All this may sound like she is a hard professional to deal with, but she has a very gentle, soft, womanly side to her as well. She is always concerned about those around her and is very careful not to hurt anyone by any means directly or indirectly. To say the least, she is a delight to work with, no matter how demanding it can be.






And oh yes! there’s a flamboyant side to her too. She loves singing….alteast in Antakshri (a song competition game played in teams) and when it comes to dancing, she is very particular about what steps were played by the artists in the actual song and she has to copy exactly the same….being a religious observant is in her blood you see? 🙂


I could contribute a post exclusively dedicated to her only for the reason that she is such a sport. She was very generous to allow me post her photos publicly and let me have this post….though am not sure if she was expecting that I would reveal these details about her 🙂  Perhaps she would have preferred to let these things come out during a personal interview by some high-profile journalist, which is inevitable in days to come when she would be counted among the top notch businesswomen of the country. Anybody who knows her well, will bet on this!

And for my photography enthusiastic friends, the lighting setup i used was a speedlight (Nikon SB600) bounced back from an umbrella (ofcourse the ones used for rain :D) kept 45 degrees left to her. It was the first time that I shot with such a lighting setup with all dark around…..which unfortunately came out to be an experiment on The Giri’s, but being a true sport….everybody in the family were pretty kind on me and have agreed to give me another chance [to experiment :D]! 🙂