howdy folks!
Its been long and a lot many things crossed my mind about what to post in past few days. Though there were many things to talk about but frankly, i didnt feel like writing at all. Am probably tearing myself into two, to fit in 2 different shoes. In the rhetoric words….travelling on 2 different boats and thus resulting catastrophic mental situations šŸ™‚ Naah! am not going to whine about it like usual šŸ˜› But my brain is in two exact halves, so you will see the discontinuity in my posts…thats all i want to notify







Its like….you may b a loving wife and a devoted mother, but deep within you would be a hard core technician who wants to rock the world with a new discovery in mind. Or you may be a true athletic who wants to beat the next Olympics, but are dangled with your garage job to take care of your wife and children. Or you may be a born voyager who wants to explore the world and just wish to spend your life admiring what God created around us, but are tied to your home to take care of your ailing parents. We are like a drop in the ocean among millions who have strong wings growing on the side, desperate to fly but have responsibilities to fulfill

[btw this shot above……its the best i could come out after struggling for half hour with a dropper in 1 hand and camera in second]







Now the point here is, none of the achievers in the history of planet earth had a complete and painless life. Every single voyager, every star athlete, every revolutionary engineer, and each such path breaking achiever has had these same painful circumstances around them. Always a million worldly problems tried to pull them down, bog their devoted minds and disturbed them and beat the shit out of them through daily/moral responsibilities….but they pulled it off! It takes hell lot of patience, perseverance and unperturbed devotion to get to the place where you always dreamt to be. Reaching for the stars, or for that sake….saving your entangled kite with a little stick in hands is the only way every one does it, and is always worth the effort!


Like they say “no one said it is going to be easy, but it is worth it” šŸ™‚Ā  Believe me, with all my heart and sincerity i understand how easy it is to say or dream and how madly difficult it is to work on those lines and be unperturbed! But there is no other alternative. No matter how little you move, you bloody snail! you have to keep moving, keep moving, keep moving! And one fine day you will see that you are a wild horse running crazy in the open fields and if you still keep moving….God bless! you will become the unicorn who can fly spreading light!

Cheers to all dreamers who are struggling to run wild in the open fields šŸ™‚