Howdy folks!

How has the week been? Working out hard to make ends meet?….and make someone else rich in parallel? 🙂  Well, we all do that in some or the other way except for the self-employed. They too hustle to make ends meet, but they dont really work to make someone else become rich, though they may work endlessly for someone else….clients 🙂 We all are clients and we all need them. Anyways, this banter here was to introduce you to one of the very few self-employed people I know. Meet Jai Ranjit, a painter based out of Mumbai who has his exhibitions showing up almost every month somewhere or the other.



Jai is a nice cordial teen in his early twenties who is as hep and outgoing as boys of his age are generally these days. I met him at Lavasa city during last year’s (2010) annual art festival. The reason I felt compelled to feature him in my blog is because my meeting with him was inspiring on my own terms but just few days back when i shared his story with 2 of my other friends, they too were moved equally. So, I thought may be his little starting up story may move many more, and thus giving it a shot. What I know about him and quoting down here are excerpts from the conversation I had with him that day.

So, our guy Jai went out of college and quickly managed himself into a day job….a typical 9 to 6 job. It was only few days into this new routine and he was already sure that this is not how he would like to have his career for the rest of life. So, like it happens within any closely knit family, he approached his parents for a consent to move out of the day job and try something for himself. His dad put up a deal “settle down with whatever you want to do in 12 months, make an earning out of it enough to take care of the monthly bills and I would let you continue with it. Or else, you are getting back to the day job”. Guess what? He took up the deal and it was just the start of the search as to what to do?!!! Funny it may sound but he approached his childhood friends and close buddies who knew him best and asked them what they thought he was good at?! Well, this method may not work for everyone, neither isnt the best way to decide your career path (instead of doing soul searching), but it worked for him. He didnt get much solid answers but the most votes were for his painting/sketching skills. So, it was now time to invest efforts in bringing up his painting skills, developing a vision and topping the game. He continued staying with his parents to save money by all means possible, namely rent, food and all such things. He invested all the money he had (all his savings, whatever he had ever earned, all the pocket money he would get from home and so on) into purchasing paints, canvas and all sorts of painting equipments. The canvas shoes he wears till date is the one that he bought during his college days and he has art work all over it too 🙂 Here are few of his paintings that i stole from his blog:

His work is not the usual contemporary paintings that you generally get to see around.

As you can make out from his work, his vision and thought process towards painting subjects are something very unusual.

Anyone who doesnt know much about the world of painting, for whom art is just a piece of news may easily tag Jai as one of the likes of M.F.Hussain, the so called “modern art” painter. But what captivates me about his work is his vision to get into such a league. Its an Himalayan task to develop such a vision. You may say that it was easy for him that his friends helped him know what his best career option should be, but to carve out a unique path for himself, to be able to differentiate himself from the crowded art world and to discover a vision to be passionate enough to pursue it with dedication and energy for the entire life time is a Herculean task.

Ohk then! back to his 1 year deal with his dad?! Well, for almost 8-9 months nothing substantial happened. It was only him, his paintings and his continuous efforts with undying spirits and little sight on the road he was heading. Then he broke out of solitude and aggressively started making contacts with other famous painters and artists in the city. After much hustle, he could manage an exhibition shortly and soon he started getting people who were ready to pay for his art. Though it took a little longer than 12 months, but he won the deal. He was an established, earning, professional painter within a year from being nowhere. Believe it or not, as of date his large canvases are sold at prices of tens of thousands!!! He certainly has come a long way and he made it with unperturbed dedication and focus, facing thousands of challenges and negativity which any budding artist would face. But he won the game. He is in the game. And he works really really hard to keep himself at the top of the game.

Hope Zaiu doesnt sue me for publishing his paintings on my blog, and hope you learned a thing or two to itch your lazy dreams to bring it back to life 🙂