Hey dear ones!

I happened to bump into an awesome writeup by a famous American radio host few days back and have been munching my head on the lines of filling the gap [that he talks about in the video at end].

Well, the matter is, I have been taking pictures with interest since almost 5 years, but for the 1st 3 years, it was always only about the fun of taking pictures….zooming in and out, closing up on an insect’s nose or stuff like that [that we all do with a new cam :D]. But since last 2 years I have been serious about photography as a career option and have been preparing myself, working on developing my artistic skills all this while. Frankly, i never seemed to be reaching anywhere. Its just a kick on the butt that i’ve to make it “there”, and be among “the best” in this industry that has kept me going all these months/years.

Till date, I’ve clicked a plethora of things in various moods and themes. Like

Flora & Fauna

















Weird angles




And when models aren’t available, self portraits too



….and photographed pretty much everything available around me. My friends and acquaintances have more or less now a fair idea of my type of pictures. Many of them can differentiate my photo when crowded with few photos taken by others. These facts do give me a sense of direction, a confidence that my work is not going entirely unnoticed. But most of the times, i know that since these people love me, thus will always be kind with words on this matter. They may be yelling from within that “Bimal, these photos suck!!!”, “how the heck do you think you are going to make up for a professional photographer?” etc etc. Its good that they dont say it to me πŸ™‚

But the point is not about the availability or unavailability of such support or criticism. Point is that I myself realize that am nowhere near the level where i want to be. Its not a fear, its a conscience that I am still not making theΒ  output that i envision.

No matter what your profession be or your hobby that you take seriously, if you are passionate about it then you know your taste. You have certain benchmarks set up for yourself. You have your role models like whom you want to be. And you can see that you are not yet there. May be just beginning, may be half way through, but you are not yet there. Thats the GAP that Ira talks about in this video. Take over Ira πŸ™‚



And the message as you could get it, is to keep going with the efforts you are putting in….with perseverance, without losing focus. And you will hit it!

DONT QUIT till you fill the gap! If you have a belief that you are going wright, keep going….you WILL be one among the elite who have made it there in past!

Hoping the same for myself πŸ™‚