Ola Darlings!

Hope you are painting your world red, blue, green…with your imaginations and happiness 🙂 Well, am here to ask you one silly question today. Ready? ….OK…. “What is it that you dearly wish to do on a regular basis if not daily, but are unable to?!” …and am not talking about taking trips to the Grand canyon or Scotland marshes, OK? 😀 Something like…..may be a morning jog, may be hitting the gym, taking out your dusted guitar and strike the chords, going for swimming, joining a singing class, sketching up a canvas or any such thing……that you wish to do very regularly and are not able to move an inch towards it. Is there anything like that?? If u r murmuring NO! i then gotta say “get a life darling, how can u be such a bore?” 🙂

Well, today is a remarkable day for me. For a simple reason that I got over procrastination and won over one such long pending wish. If you have been a regular reader here, you may remember that i have been whining about getting up early from almost 3-4 months ago 😀 I did that today!!!! Hip hip hurray!!! Woke up at 6 and made a call to a close friend to tell him that i did it. Hehehehe! you would say…wait a sec….whats there to celebrate so much about it!? Am coming to it…first take a bite of what i had as breakfast early morning today 🙂



Well, I had a great eve yesterday with 2 of my very close friends, and like always we were in deep conversations about the most productive things we are missing in our current lives. We talked about a million challenges and found solutions to almost all of them and again like always, it all flew into thin air 😀 But at the end of our beautiful eve, at about 12 midnight me and my friend sat down to conclude the day’s lessons….and we happily left home with just One….which is…. We are not going to target a time-line to do something (like we all d0), we are going to target the stuff that we absolutely love doing around that time! Confused? Heres the hint..

Yes! i love playing guitar….i love it lots! Thats my old guitar notes & 2 of my favorite plectrums.



So, the point is…i have been always targeting to wake up at 6am, but why???! And there was no definite answer to that “why”. I always had a vague belief that waking early will stretch my day and will give me time to do more things, have more easy schedule over the day and keep my mind & body more peaceful and bla bla bla. But what was i going to do at 6am??!!! freak!!! Believe me or not….its the same with almost all of us who are lazy about doing something….anything good for ourselves 🙂  So, yesterday midnight i scratched skull to find out what is that i would really love doing at 6am, so much that i would be willing to do it every day?! Imagine yourself in this situation….you wake up at 5am on a day when your gang is going for a trip. You are no way going to miss that bus! Isnt it?! Why? Coz you are really looking forward to the trip, to meetign up ur buddies and have unusual fun! 🙂



Above was my clear answer at the end of all the skull scratching 😀  I stumbled upon quite a few options…morning treks, meeting 1-2 beautiful ladies i know well ;), meditation, photography and so on…..but I knew that there is nothing among these which can kick ass enough to wake me up daily 6! heheh! And then the answers that came by in couple is guitar and martial arts. Yesss!!!! I said. 🙂 Thats it, i then didnt wait till i get myself enrolled to a martial arts class or guitar class. I can get a Judo coaching at 6 but no guitar class man! haha! But damn it! Am charged enough to do that daily morning first thing after waking up!

But as it is with all of us…when we decide upon something to conquer, there will be more troubles, more challenges and bigger hurdles on the way. Morning when i woke up, I was having a real bad muscle pain in my left shoulder and neck. Its still hurting me. Am barely able to turn heard without turning the entire body. So, i woke up with a real bad expression on my dark face 😀 and dragged myself to the kitchen to boil water to warm my neck with a hot water bag. I soothed my neck and shoulder for some time and picked up the guitar after 2 complete years! I was hardly able to hold the guitar, but still stressed hard to practice 3 chords on it… Em, C and D chords. Played for 30 mins and I was a happy soul! 🙂 If it would not have been for this water bag, i would have perhaps carried on with the peak pain just for the heck of it. The color of the bag here reflects my mood vs state 😀


Perseverance and will power are the only things that can take you through such hurdles! Big deal?! Yes? No? I dont care….for me it is! Am feeling victorious coz am damn determined that am going to follow this for another 40 days and its then going to be part of my habit…wont need any deliberate efforts!

Any kids in the audience…..take this up! Do the thing that you absolutely love doing, the first thing in morning, even if it means 5am. Adults….forget it!  Coz you guys can do whatever you are told not to do! hehehe! So, for you it may not be getting up early, it may be something as silly as calling up your mom to hear to all the gossip she loves talking but u hate hearing 😀 or it can be something really productive like your wish to start writing a book?! Explore and win over!

The New York Times Bestseller author Tim Ferris said in one of his interviews that “the most accomplished achievers in this world never maintain a to-do list, they just have a priority wise list of things to be achieved over a day and will focus on achieving only 2 of them per day”! Can you believe that?! If they are able to achieve 2 of the important tasks, they call it a day! And I have decided to work on the same lines. We all have a long list of things to be done over the day, but no list of things to be accomplished! You understand the difference? If yes, then you understand the power of accomplishing 2 such things every single day of your life?!!!! Boy! thats going to be awesome!