Howdy folks!

Wassup? Life is great? Yeah! Say Yes! 🙂 It feels better. Heres what i’ve to say today…something that i read written at the back of an auto-rickshaw “Take it Eazy” 😀 Isnt that a funny quote? Yet thats the stark necessity of our lives!




If you’ve been following me even arbitrarily, u by now must be knowing that am a darn dissatisfied soul. I am never happy with what am doing. I am never satisfied with the pace at which am walking ahead. Its a long ongoing ardor (meaning: intense devotion, eagerness, or enthusiasm) within me to become a kick-ass ….u know what 🙂  But heres the truth…even as of date, am incapable of delivering what may blow off my client’s mind….and that is what i aim!





Am sure its evident here in my work. Theres a constant nagging within the head to do more, to learn more, to practice more, to experiment more, do deliver and analyze more and yeahhh! to rest and calm down equally. Its such a fight. Am even more sure that all my gurus out there are struggling equally with this fight. Anyone who doesnt rest on their laurels will come running with a mug full of beer for a cheers on this matter 🙂  But like they say “nobody said its going to be easy, but its going to to be worth it”.

U know what? …the take away is to “take it easy”. God has made our brain powerful enough to tackle the wackiest and most complex puzzles and problems, but not the stress we put on it.





In my belief, if you focus on just one problem and tackle it before clinging on to the next, you can crack them all! Our situations become an unsolvable puzzle when we look at all the problems we have and become overwhelmed at their mightiness…..look closer and u will realize that they are mighty when they stand together (power of unity u see? :)). Separate them 1 by 1 on a rating of “i cannot be sane without dealing this one” to “this can wait, its not going to harm me if i can ignore it”. And pick them up and deal it, kill it, reward urself on each of ur victories. Do this on a daily basis. Its going to be all fine dear! Take it easy!





Of all the realities of life, the one i most strongly believe in is “you are only as big as your problems are”. Its deep and its very difficult to live up to a big problem. We are all always bogged down by the simpler, easier, less harmful problems of life. We bother too much about them. Imagine if you were a CEO of a company with 1000 employees, guess what would have been the problem that rules ur head? You are aware that a blunder that leads to loss is going to affect those 1000 families!!! Isnt that too big? But doesnt the CEOs make mistakes? Yes they do, but what matters is their focus. They dont focus on the 1000 families, they focus the neck of the problem, grab it, slit it and kill it to be a winner.





Believe me its easier said than done. My doctor asked  at our last visit “any stress?” and my answer was….”I am over-killed by anxiety. I dont think am in stress”. I knew i am lying to myself daily with this. My guitar stares at me, the camera stares at me, the lighting equipments stares at me, the growing tummy stares at me, the restless mind stares at me (in the subconscious). I know they all need my time and attention…but only coz i give them importance. Perhaps, i give importance to all of them all the time. Thats stress! I henceforth am going to look at life 1 subject at a time. I will play with it as long as i wish and then only am going to move ahead to the next. I am not going to age myself with the zillion benchmarks that i want to achieve. I am going to be this ant…the ant who bothers only about the flower on which he sits 🙂



Huhhh! I am feeling a little relieved after puking all this out on to you. I always have with you all 🙂 My favorite teacher Zack Arias says “when you dont have a model, shoot your doll as the model. But dont wait for things to happen. Opportunities are all around. Dont be so tough that you may break, be strong and bend as much as time demands. You will rise and shine for sure!” That said, i want to confess that this time when i went to Kerala for my vacation, i couldnt win time from my relatives to get their photographs done, to be honest I couldnt find the courage to ask for their valuable time to get a photoshoot done. So i practised shooting my garden flowers. All the crap you see here is its outcome.

Am i happy? Perahps 😉 Am i satisfied? No way! Am i depressed? Hell no way! Am i positive? Ofcourse yes! I believe in my dedication, i have a loving wife who believes in my passion, i have a strong bunch of awesome friends who believe in my potential. Couldnt have asked for more 🙂 I have miles to go and mountain tops to conquer, but am going to….

Take it easy!!!