Ola guys!

Am going to introduce you today to one of my very close friends, who is an intelligent IT guy and a very talented artist. Meet Christo Abhinav Kumar.




Chris is one of my very few friends who is a die-hard traveller. Sometime in future when he becomes a big shot, if he faces a TV interview and the typical question comes up “Chris! if you weren’t this, what would you have been?”….then am sure his answer would be “I would have been hosting The Lonely Planet” 😀  Believe me or not, he goes off for drives extending 700 kms on his bike all alone.





He is a complete backpacker minus his guitar. Yeap! He is great on a guitar and is an amazing singer & also has got a collection on his youtube channel. He is a big motivation behind me getting trained on guitar, since we plan to have a local band someday for the sake of doing jamming 😀 My wife had invited him over lunch this sunday…..obviously i was not bothered about feeding him. Instead as you can expect i was looking forward to do a shoot with him 😀




So, basically me, wifey and another friend of mine (who kindly obliged to help as a light man) got to hear some amazing melodies and i got to practice some lighting setups. All these shots used up each of my lighting equipments : 2 lights, the radio transceivers, light stand, umbrella, reflector…all of it! So, it was an all round practice session for me.



By the way, i dont demand people to entertain me for getting a photo shoot done. Hihihi!

Thankyou Chris for your patience and tolerance! And thanks for bestowing such soothing songs on an otherwise lousy Sunday noon.

Looking forward to such sundays with all my readers 🙂