Howdy folks!

With the overexpectation that u missed my banter last week, i wish to tell u that I have a new member in my lens family now. Someone just yelled “Ye!!?? u were talking about the lens as a new member in family? You Scoundrel!” Hehehe! Sorry to trick you with the blog title πŸ˜€
Well, past 2 weeks i was swimming through hundreds of articles and thousands of images to finalise another investment. By now my regular readers out there have a fair idea that am a typical artist by all means:
* lives in a belief that he can create art (punishable crime :D)
* earns negligible through his so called art (well deserved :D)
* has pennies left for investment, but has a large wish list (obvious :D)
* nobody cares what he is doing, but he dreads expectations from those (expected!)
* and so on… πŸ˜€
Having said that, i need not explain that buying anything to feed my artistic hunger is a real big head-ache. The equipment bought has to be a long term investment, which obviously comes costly beyond imagination. The artistic capabilities and usability have to be as much counted on as the technical capabilities…..and in real world, there are rarely things available that fits every bag. The term ‘return of investment’ is another killer. You think of ROI before buying anything and i bet, you r going to need a friend to talk crap and justify why you need that. πŸ˜€ Debates burst out like honey bees from closed canister. Its hard to confront your fears and go with a positive decision at such times. Well, i went ahead crushing my doubts and bought the Nikkor 85mm AF f/1.8D



After 2 weeks of day and night research and analysis and introspection, I finally decided where to put my money and mouth in. It is almost the same like finding someone to marry πŸ˜€ Needless to say, it was painful. You simply dont get a 1 stop solution to all your requirements. You always have to sort your way out. Find the most crucial concerns to be addressed, work through the most viable and affordable choices and then make a move.

This doesnt apply just to bugying gear, its almost the same about making every critical decision. Be it fighting cancer, going ahead with a critical delivery operation, jumping off the safe land to save someone, putting all your savings into something important yet risky, deciding a career path or making a career-shift or any such thing…..if you are in the midst of one such juncture where a lot is at stake and you have to pick a solution, dont get intimidated. Research well, acquire as much knowledge as is available out there before you make a final decision. You should be aware of every positive and every freaking negative of the choices available. Be so very well informed about your decision that almost nothing comes as a surprise once you execute your option. And once decided, dont be scared of the outcomes. Just go ahead and fight your way through. In many cases the anticipation is hard to handle, i know. But keep yourself under calm and trust your decisions, keep researching more meanwhile and increase your awareness as much as you can.

Huhhhh! I was almost under a panic attack for last one week and it was so crushing that i dont want to talk about it any further. Its all about money, honey! πŸ™‚

For my beloved visitors who are keen about how to take shots rather than this kind of blabber, heres the setup details of how i took the above posted image:

If you look closely at the lens image, you can make out that its not taken on a seamless background as confirmed by the setup image here. The flash is kept at position 1 (marked in image) facing the lens covered by white cloth to diffuse light. At position 2 theres a small paper pamplet kept as obstructionΒ (technically called as a gobo) on the way between flash and lens to avoid direct reflection on the lens surface. Meanwhile the light falling on right side of lens is those reflected from the ceiling and the white cloth at back. A silver reflector kept at position 3 to light up the left side of lens and fill up the shadows. If you look at the lens image at top, you will notice a nice iris formation on the glass. That is visible only because of the silver reflector, the reflector is bouncing back all colors available from around like the walls, the lungi, boxes, switch board and so on (things not visible in this shot) πŸ™‚ Lastly the lens is kept over a plain glass top to add reflected image of itself. I broke it this time 😦 I was unaware of my elbow pushing the glass down while adjusting the flash and gobo 😦 Whatever! The cost added to price of lens πŸ˜€ This is nothing as compared to toppling over the lighting wires laid around while getting pictures during a marriage shoot and hurting many more, isnt it? Hihihi!

Thanks for bearing the crap. Will take this babe out for some shots and will share with you how well she does….ahem! more appropriately how well i make her do what she is made for πŸ˜‰

Chow darlings!