Me: Hey hi!! what do you do?
Yu: Hey there! fine!
Me: No no! i didnt ask How do u do. I said, what do you do?
Yu: Ohh! Well, mmm….am a doctor/ am engineer/ am a pilot/ am a web designer/ am a shop keeper/ am a teacher/ am a lawyer…..bla bla bla
Me: Ohkeyyy! I guess thats for a living. What else do yu do?
Yu: Well, mmm….ahhhhh! Lets see. I dont actually, but…… i love swimming/ i love travelling/ i love lawn tennis/ i love playing guitar/ i love gazing stars n planets/ i love singing/ i love writing poems/ i love photography/ i love….
Me: Ohkey! how good are you at that?
Yu: 🙂 ahh! nothing much. Am at just beginner level.

Hello Darlings!
Wazzup? I’ve been struggling a bit from past a month with certain things on day to day basis. Every night before hitting the bed, i would count the days since i posted a blog and then say to myself “forget it Bims! u dont have anything worth to talk with your readers”. Ohh! meanwhile, did i break the conversation? Sorry!

Me: Ohhh! Good good! so? Any plans further?
Yu: Mmmm. Nothing much, am willing to learn more, enjoy the sport and make a milestone. Actually!!! do you have time to talk? I can talk on this whole eve, whole day! 🙂 I just love…..

Welcome to the beginner level world 🙂



Me: Do you love doing it really? or is it just a pass time thing?
Yu: Actually i started for time pass, but soon realized that it gives me immense peace. It really soothes my anxiety and i feel much better after an hour of indulgence. I think i really love…..
Me: why dont you take it up more often? Why avoid indulgence?
Yu: ohh comeon! how do you expect me to take out time for such things. I have to earn for a living and have a family to take care of and spend time with.
Me: Hmmmmm! Its a road less traveled, i understand. Its going to be strange and perhaps lonely, but it would be fun. Isnt it? Probably you will find a similar partner! Wouldnt that be nicer?
Yu: 🙂




Okey! Let me break the ice. “Me” here in this conversation is not me. Its your inner you talking to your daily you. You probably like me, have buried the explorer within you. Honestly, there’s certain comfort in being a beginner. Several reasons to that: you dont have to answer anyone, there is no expectations to be fulfilled, there need not be any target to be chased, no discipline or overcoming the laze required coz theres nothing to be achieved, no one cares a damn if you are going good on it or not, you have full time freedom to postpone 🙂 and so on….. That said, theres a day that awaits us all…




We all will perish one day. And when that day reaches, would you love yourself for living your life watching so many others having striven, struggle, overcome and flourish….washing wounds by sunshine and be victorious for all the fervor they fought? I wont. Having said that, there’s certain pain in being a lone fighter, in setting goals, fighting the fears, acknowledging the criticism, finding mentors after much disheartening discouragement from other established players……..crossing the beginner line!

Its tough. Its trembling at times. Stressful too. Its unlikely to be certain as to what we will achieve at the end. But i tell you what, when you will lie there counting the actions that gave you strength, satisfaction, a sense of gratitude for the chance to be a human….you will love yourself!



There’s certain beauty in doing your best to feel alive! Your life is your life, live it!

Am feeling certain strength in sharing with you ‘my conversations with myself’