Ola folks!

Last week, was a pretty hectic one. So hectic that i feel like i have been keeping out of touch with you from almost a month. There was grand festival celebration on Diwali, lots of major shopping for the occasion, road trip to nearby hill-station, dinner get-together’s with close friends and so on. Hope you all had an equally eventful and fun filled time as its vacation season and the spirit is on πŸ˜‰

Before i begin…..if you are intimidated by the long post and boring pics, you can slip directly to the bottom; theres a photography tip at the end of post πŸ™‚

Past saturday morning me and one of my gangs gathered for a short trip. We were 5 of us, started with a 2 day trip in mind towards Mahabaleshwar (M.H.). The team was a mix of characters πŸ˜€ The first and integral buddy was Christo whom you may already be knowing if you are a regular here πŸ™‚Β  Within my circle, he is the Lonely Planet representative and arguably the most energetic guy for whacky targets and plans to hunt for. He rarely executes the usual trip plans πŸ™‚





As per Chris’s idea we chucked the usual route to Mahabaleshwar and instead headed for Kaas plateau and planned to enter Mahab. from the other side. The image below is the beginning of Kaas. Kaas is famous for its flower covered plateaus towards monsoon end time. We were already late to catch the flower season and thus were not expecting anything more beautiful than the vast wild grass covered spreads. All we saw was tall grassΒ  spreading miles wide along the hill flats, which was compelling enough for us to jump out of the car and run wild & free πŸ™‚





We all were awake from morning 5.30 roughly and had started with minimal breakfast, but as we reached the spot…we just forgot the stomach part. The peaceful mind and free heart was ruling now. It made me realize how dearly important it is to give oneself such a break atleast every alternate month….much needed guys! Trust me!

Isnt this a ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ moment? πŸ™‚





Thats the gang minus the photographer. Happy times with great buddies πŸ™‚





Meet the artist and entertainer of the day…Niraj. We fondly call him Chinna and he was at his highest best of poetry and bouncers πŸ˜€Β  The entire drive and journey was peppy and chirpy coz of him:





The one below is our pilot, Abhishek. He drove awesome throughout the day, so fast and in control that we named him Abhishek schumacher πŸ™‚Β  Am not sure if i’ve talked bout him before but he is one of the nicest guy in my circle, be it just for hanging out, getting personal or sharing your most privately kept secrets. A very patient listener and a golden heart. He was our sweet chariot “diver saheb” (as the rural people would call :D) for the entire trip and saved rest of us from the exertion and stress of the road


Ohh and before i can stop caring about him, heres the sweet chariot that we rode on all day. By the way, a big thumbs up for the amazing Ford Ikon





Lastly, theres me, yours truely. And my better half and the bird of my nest…..spreading her wings πŸ™‚



As for the trip, we ended up reaching home the same day back coz we couldnt find a nice place to stay back at Mahabaleshwar. It was crowded beyond tolerance and we already had so much fun throughout the day that we were quite happy to return, saving Sunday to relax πŸ™‚ And theres another thumbs up from us gang for the Grapewine restaurant on Mazjid road. Awesome place to eat if you are in Mahabaleshwar. They dont serve Indian food, but the menu is rich & so is the food. We had marvelous wine and great time there which was our last stoppage for the day. This too was choice of our Lonely Planet representative Chris πŸ˜€Β  I have to say that, planning the unusual has a lot of fun added to it and challenges too. Half of our journey from Kaas to Mahabaleshwar was through lonely rough roads through the hill foots. But it was worth every risk we took. Bagged amazing views of untouched nature and peacocks πŸ™‚

OhK! so this post was not put up to boast our trip or showcase my gang. This is an attempt to give a glimpse to the amazing picture quality of my new babe Nikkor 85mm AF f/1.8D as promised. I thought of taking just the 85mm and a wide angle lens (for lanscapes) so as to get a knack of what an amazing performer this little babe is. All the portraits you see above are taken with the 85mm except for the 2nd landscape image from top. And most of these pics are straight out from the camera with very slight tweaking of contrast or exposure for few of them. Isnt it hot? πŸ™‚ Here’s the tip of the dinner πŸ˜€



Before i close this long post, i wish to share some interesting information for those readers who visit my crappy blog hoping for some photography related info. The 85mm lens that took above pics is a medium zoom range fixed focal lens. What it means is that this 85mm lens always gives a view of roughly 5x zoom of the usual point and shoot cameras . Yup, you cannot see any closer than 5x with this lens on. Thats the disadvantages with fixed focal length lenses. Usually for normal public, a zoom means nothing more than getting close to a subject while being far. But photographers use it for a different purpose.

The effect gained is that when you zoom in, the perspective sizes of images in rear (subjects farther from the camera) start growing larger. What happens is that the frame compresses and thus the distance between the front and rear subjects of the frame appear closer and thus the size proportionately distorts. Lets analyse this with an example:

Please forgive my poor photographic skills for such dinky explanatory shots. In above image, kindly neglect every element in the frame except the wide glass honey bottle in front and the narrow wine bottle kept 2 feet farther from the honey bottle. Since these were taken with a simple point and shoot camera, i will discuss it in terms of x zoom ranges.

Image 1: is taken at no zoom. We can see the entire wine bottle in the frame and we can clearly see the size differences.

Image 2: is taken at about 3x zoom. Keeping the camera level same, I moved back a little so that i could capture the honey bottle in front at almost the same size as that in image 1, to make it easy for you to compare πŸ™‚ Ok, so here we see that the wine bottle has grown a bit and the head is cut from the frame.

Image 3: is taken at about 6x zoom. I moved even further back so that i can still keep the honey bottle almost same size. Here we can notice that the wine bottle has grown much larger. The honey bottle top is reaching only the half height of wine bottle and the wine bottle has totally lost the neck πŸ™‚

You guys are smart enough to chalk out the conclusion, so i wont bore you further. The usage of this fact is limited only to your creative thinking capabilities. Still, i would give you a simple yet interesting example. Imagine that its sun set time, so you have the sun down to your height level. Stand your subject/friend next to the sun and move your self pretty far from your friend. Now zoom in to about 10x or so to close up on your friend and click! Can you imagine the image? Its going to be pretty beautiful, believe me πŸ™‚

Ohkeyyy Amigos!
Thankyou for reading till here. Am leaving for a week long vacation with my birdie shortly and she has strictly warned to leave my camera home so that i may spend time with her, rather than the camera πŸ˜€ So, am taking the simple point and shoot with which i shot the above dinky bottle images to capture our moments together….i wish i could carry a photographer along πŸ˜€Β  Still am having an assignment in mind, will share it with you if successful.

See you all after 2 weeks….enjoy dear darlings!