Howdy folks!

First…as per rituals, heres wishing you another awesome year full of thrill, craze and energy 🙂 Hope you all had a great celebrative (new addition to English dictionary :D) weekend around 31st Dec. Mine was as great and fun filled like the 31st of any other month! heheheh! I was at my in-law’s place and I spent the entire time reading books and speculating the year that went by. I’ve to tell you it was superb! 🙂 I dont remember the last time i spent so much time and such close time with myself.

Here’s a thought i wish to chew this post with you all : why all the fuss about any new year beginning? Why has 1st of Jan to be so special? Is the yearly calender we follow really the best way to measure our life span? Whats the worth? 🙂 One of my friend says we humans have developed the system of quantifying everything, to make life little manageable and measurable. Afterall, (vital) statistics is all we care about, isnt it? 😉 Ahem! Well, theres an emotional aspect to this as well. We all work around start and end of anything. We may be excited, worried, happy, dreadful or plain neutral etc about the start or end of anything. If am having a great day, i would be low about the reaching end. If am fighting a challenge, i would dream and smile about the coming victory. So goes the story.

We have a pointer to take from this. If new year day is the day we wait for something great start or something awful to end, let 1st of jan be today! Mark it right away! Its okay if we miss few days or months to get in sync with the regular worldly calendar date thereafter 🙂 Am blabbering all this as a result of the speculation i did on myself this reading season. Prior to the speculations heres how my thoughts were:
I will start saving when i fulfill all my immediate necessities
I will stop doing this after i earn some experience
I will quit this irritating company after the coming appraisal cycle
I will start investing when i will have a lot of surplus money lying idle
I will start jogging and gym once this winter subsides
I will plan to buy a car and house when i will be earning in 8 digit packages. Am not going to get enslaved to a bank debt for rest of my life.
I will start with charity when i will have an amount big enough to make a huge crowd smile with the donations
and so on….
I guess, its probably same with most of you? I tell you what, my conversations with myslef ensured that such days are never going to come. If theres one quote to live by, its “if you continue doing what you have been till date, you will continue gaining what you have gained till date”! If you are happy with what you’ve gained till date, LUCKY YOU!! 🙂 I wish to learn a thing or two from you. For others, i’ve tell you that there is no better day than today to do something good.

So this new year, my wife and mother-in-law decided to visit an orphanage with around 50 kids or so and donate some gifts for all. And i gave in immediately. I knew that if i wait for a better time to donate, am going to wait forever…like i’ve been all these years. And boy! did i enjoy?! Freak!!! Heres a little clip of what went on


I was much happier than the kids seem here 🙂 1st of Jan was a very gloomy day there, it had rained all day from 31st noon and it was very cold and windy, dark clouds and very disappointing to be the 1st day of the year. But an hour with the kids and i was so full of life and energy. It was gratifying beyond limits. The enthusiasm was so strong that we kept talking about it till another week.

To sum up, lets just say that any day is a great day to celebrate new year, begin afresh, kill procrastination, make resolutions & more importantly act on them, raise above self-expectations and quit caring about what the rest of world thinks of you & your actions.

Lets be good and have a great year!

Cheers darlings!