Howdy folks!
Wassup? Hope ya all are doing great with the raging tax calculations & cuts πŸ˜€ and already forgotten the new year resolutions and lost track of the fact that the year has just begun. Heheh! Nothing abnormal darling. Lemme start with a confession today that in spite of the constant ticking at the back of my head of the pending blog post and expanding time lapse, i couldnt collect my bums together to sit and write coz of one common problem we all are victims to. Hell ya! we all are victims to the disease called “overwhelm-ation” πŸ™‚ Heres the definition of overwhelmation in one line “you are not able to do something coz you are overwhelming yourself with the (unwanted) need of (over)preperation“. Lemme jot down few common examples and i will leave the rest up to you to diagnose urself with your infection levels and the needed cure πŸ™‚
1. That good old friend : Dont tell me you are in contact with all your best friends from the yester-years. I bet you are in regular touch with barely 2 or 3 of them (only if you had more than 3 great friends till date). Oh ya ya! you are damn busy with your work life and hardly left with time to socialise. You have daily groceries to buy, food to cook, serials to watch, Facebooking to collect gossip and peek into photos, are in desperate need of tight sleep…bla bla bla. You say “but Bimal, am partying often, spend evenings with my office friends and hell i’ve to spend time with my family too”. Agreed. Tell me you are really happy that way…..or is it that you’ve buried your thoughts about those lost contacts? or you have convinced yourself to be matured enough to not need them anymore? You know why we arent in touch with a lot of our good old buddies? Coz till the time we had their contact details, we always thought “what do i talk to him/her?”, “man! i’ve this serial coming up in 10mins”, “lemme first spend some time on gtalk & FB” etc etc. So, days pass by, weeks, months and then years. And then you’ve lost idea of where he/she is, what their number is and ….gone! We overwhelmed ourselves with the amount of time we should spare for talking to someone that close, topics to cover, something good enough to talk about yourself and many more such silly things.

Please dont try to find relevance to the photos in these pointers… just adding breezers to make your reading a little light.

2. Holy crap! Look at my savings : Are you really having a great savings? Ok, if not savings then a good amount in liquid assets? Umhmm, i know …. you just started earning, you just started saving, you just started a family, you just overcame your education loan/car loan, you are looking forward to the end of 20-30 years to get over with the housing loan…bla bla bla. Lemme tell you that we have been overwhelming ourselves with the thought that you need a good chunk of money every month to squeeze out a good savings. You: “Bimal, whats the point in doing a savings of 50$ per month? Am mostly left with roughly that much at end of every month”. Ohk, what i suggest is that start with 50$ today, right away and within a month or 2 you are going to push your limits to contribute a less shameful amount πŸ™‚

The same image with a little different shutter/aperture settings.


3. I desperately need to get out of here : If you are quite happy with what you are being paid and with the work that you are doing everyday, please skip this point. But almost everyone i’ve known wanting to take a switch has overwhelmed themselves with the point “am not prepared enough”. Umhmm. That can be a brutal truth, but isnt that the situation and excuse from quite long darling? So, what are you doing about it? You “umm, well, shall i repeat all the reasons i mentioned in point 1 Bimal?” πŸ˜€ Yokey! i get that, but what if you tell yourself “am prepared enough to take on my first interview”. Go ahead and fall flat on face (if you have to) and gear up for the next one. Lets conclude that this applies to ‘asking for a credible raise’ as well. Push yourself with confidence. Dont overwhelm with the thought that you have a long learning curve to conquer before heading for such attempts.

One more of the same subject with yet another shutter/aperture setting.

4. And the list goes on for work-out, amazing vacations, changing job line and so on and on and on!
Few days ago i read something awesome by Robin Sharma “every morning write 5 little goals that if accomplished, would make you feel that you had a great day and work on getting those 5 done. Repeat 365 days and you are going to have the most awesome year of your life”. I had no doubts about the idea. I wrote the 5-list next morning. Scored a 2.5 out of 5. Next day morning? I didnt write the next 5-list. You : “Why you rascal?!!!” Me: “Ahem. Excuse me. Cough! Err, actually i was overwhelmed with the responsibility of conquering the left 2.5 of previous day. So i thought if i prepare a 5-list today, it would be a 7.5-list for today and probably impossible to achieve as per last day’s performance”. Needless to say that achievers if hear to our reasoning then this is what they would express πŸ˜€

You getting the picture? Heheh. This is something that happens with my blogging responsibility too. I always have a ticker at back of head keeping a count of lapsed time from my previous post. And with the growing gap, i get more and more overwhelmed with the need to come up with something more worthy for my readers. And thus my resolution to blog twice every month blows off with a frequency of 1 post every 2 months! Ridiculous isnt it?Β It took me freaking 4 hours to sketch up this post btw. I mean, this blogging thing matters to me! It may not to my readers! If it does matter so much to me, why burden myself with such overwhelming thoughts that ridicules my own efforts to provide value to others? I should and would hereafter concentrate on coming up with (if required) smaller, (if required) less intense posts that would keep my guilt levels down and connection with my readers up.
Agreed?! Ohk then! its time for self-diagnosis. Sit down and write down everything that means a lot to you, that are essential for your self-satisfaction and happiness and write the overwhelming-reason for each of them. What is so overwhelming to you that you are unable to do fairly well to keep out of the guilt zone?


I wish to end this post with another awesome quote by Robin:
I promise you that when you get to the last hour of your last day, you will regret having lived the life society sold you versus the life that you knew deep within was meant for you.
-Robin Sharma

Shall i say that don’t overwhelm yourself planning a perfect Valentine’s day? πŸ™‚ Love you dear ones!