Ola darlings! Hope you are keeping fit.
I happened to attend a seminar on software automation today morning. Saturday morning, 9 a.m., 14kms ride one way, no snacks, occupied till noon 1. Yup! its a task considering weekend 🙂 The presenters were awesome and the content too was great. Apart from the takeaways there was something interesting i noted. After the session, most of the participants bombed on the pamphlets which had details about all courses offered by the hosting institute. They looked hungry, worried and directionless. I could make out that c’oz i have been there, through that. Its a phase which we know as “Preparation”. These were the same people who didnt utter a word throughout 4 hour class. Its ok if u dont answer the technical questions when u r not sure, but they kept mum even for questions like “what was your motivation to come up for such a session on a holiday morning?” Probably they were thinking deep about what to eat for lunch or whether they would get a call for another interview or not or some such thing. You know what these guys are going to do next? Ask 10 different people for the best course to up their game and then join one of the cheapest of them. And continue keeping mum! Why? Coz they are “preparing”.

My aim is not to spill dirt on those chaps, am telling you all this to discuss a variant of “Preparation” which is called “Hustling”. First…whats the difference? Preparation is when you are learning various things hoping it will work out a solution for you, while Hustling is when you are trying various solutions and then learn more about the methodology that worked for you. Go ahead, read previous line once again. Its pretty messy if you dont get it right. The shoot am sharing here is one such hustle

She is Lakshmi, one of my very dear friends. She had come over to our home for spending a sunday and we planned to have a shoot by end of day, just to jazz up the weekend.



OK, so coming back to the topic….Preparation phase is something that we humans love by default. You know why? Because there is no expected result associated with preparation, thus no performance pressure. Lets say you want to start managing your financials. What would anyone first do? Obviously start reading. What is the expected result or your goal at end of reading? Preparing. Is equal to nothing! How much reading? Dont know! What all to read? Big topic to research! So? Overwhelmed! 😀 Probably the most basic thing that you would learn is “earn, save, invest”. Then what you do? Earn, spend. Earn, spend. Yes we love it! What we got? another shot! Hahaha….no no! am talking about the photo shoot we did that day 😀

Lakshmi among my friends has got one of the most infections smiles. She can smile all day and that tells a lot about her attitude towards life. She is a “go with the flow” kinda girl and extremely energy packed.



Ahem! Okhey! The dictionary meaning of Hustle is “To jostle or shove roughly” or “To gain by energetic effort”. Fine, what would a hustler do in the same place? As soon as he learns the basic “earn, save, invest”, he starts saving. Saving to start investing, not to buy another fancy shoes, or matching purse or LCD or another app or smart phone or any such liability. Then he hustles with the concepts of investing…..not just into life insurance policy! Not into a fixed interest government scheme! His aim wont be to be safe and retire with peanuts. He would probably save and invest into class room teachings on investment vehicles and its principles and be more risk averse, invest-lose, invest-gain, learn as he earns. He may save to invest on a financial agent/manager. Educate himself as he experiments and grows smarter. Heres my part of hustling 😉

Meanwhile, Lakshmi as you can see has got enviable hair 🙂 Our friends all love her long pony and the way she maintains it tells a lot about her patience level. Gals will better understand what i mean. Well, am really very thankful to her for letting me feature her on my blog. She is a sweetheart [as u can make out from the photos :)]

On the Hustling par, am not too far from the rest 😦 I too am more of a preparation guy than being a hustler. And i dont see any other reason why am nowhere in the fotog market. Lets accept that preparing is the safest thing to do. You read, talk, blabber and impress ur circle with the miniscule details you just read and do nothing! Doing is the only way of learning. Produce work, a huge volume of work in anything that you want to grow. You would start as hustler and lead as an achiever. Patience and perseverance are the only blankets that any achiever holds on to tightest and protects most. Last but not the least, dont miss out on having fun. If you arent enjoying the ride, you mostly wont enjoy the destination!

That’s my beloved buddy Chris and the birdie of my nest having light moments in between the shoot. I just love my pack of wolves 😀

Hope hustling makes sense 🙂
All the best dear ones!