Hi Fellas!
From past quite some time, I have been doing posts that were more talks and less photography stuff and was ready with another food for thought kinda post today. But then felt that part of the audience who are my visitors exclusively for the sake of photographic know hows would be missing stuff from long. For those who are keen on serious photography, i’ve shared the shooting details after every image. So heres a breather from the usual hard talk i do here 🙂

Meet my close buddy Mohit. I have been thinking of writing a post on him from quite some time, but have been wondering what to write. Hahahaha! Well, this shoot was done last year on my birthday. Though he lives in a far off city from my place, but was luckily in town that day.
All these are taken at my drawing room, with a black sheet hung over window rails. In above image, an off camera flash from left was diffused through a shoot through umbrella. Shutter speed was kept at 1/200 (which is the highest sync speed for my Nikon SB600) and it was kept that high only to kill the ambient light. This is a fully lit room with CFL tubes and was not done in a hide and seek setup with darkness all around 😀

Mohit is a basically a shy guy but very cheerful and ready to mingle kinda personality. Heres the thing to learn from him : budget traveling! Most of our generation loves traveling, yeah? But whats our score on that? Pretty mediocre? There are few lucky ones who are working with a firm that lets them travel extensively for business purposes. Most others are on their own 🙂 Either we plan year long, or we let go with a short trip near around our city. Mohit is an exception here.
For all these images i kept the shutter speed at 1/200 to kill ambient and light the subject only by off camera flash. Aperture for all these images have been F3.2 or F4. Over here, from camera right the flash was bounced off a scrim to spill only a small amount of light. A scrim dissipates more light than it reflects, which makes it more ideal for shooting in sunlight.

I happened to interview Mohit on the traveling matter some time back. Funny though that nothing potential came out 😀 He has a notorious statisctic to travel across India all by himself, within a cute little budget all the time and the best part is that he doesnt go for 2-3 day trips. He makes sure that the place he visits is munched up in a spreaded 8-10day exploration. How does he manage that with a regular office job? That was most surprising to me. Most of us typically gets to take 2 vacations per year (10 day per vacation at max) and i eat up 1 of them visiting my parents. But this dude would travel minimum thrice an year to exotic locations 🙂
This is an aesthetically bad image coz i amputated his left hand 😦 but thats all his mistake. My beloved rascal was not able to do 1 salsa step nicely man!!! 😀 Otherwise same shutter, aperture settings as others. Flash working from camera left reflected from an umbrella. As you can see, the light is even from head to knee, if the flash was fired through a shoot through umbrella, it would have lit a much smaller area.

Heres how: He lives with his parents. Trip to visit parents saved! He lives in a not so happening city, overhead costs of show off booze parties saved! He is not critical about branded stuff, going crazy over purchasing branded accessories saved! Since staying with parents, so rent and stuff saved! He may travel with not so cool company if that matters. OK! now its easy to throw up hands in air and say “if i were living at my parental home, i too wud have saved all that money and holidays”. But listen jackass! Probably your small town would never pay you 3fold or 5fold annual packages as you get in your hypercity. So, calm down. What needs to be worked out is stuff you are crazy about :: spend all you save on it. Rest everything that doesnt matter much to you :: save everything on those fronts. Like, if you arent particular about living in a plush house, rent urself at a small place (wid friends/colleagues if u r a bachelor). If you arent a show off kinda person save all that you can from the “brand” madness. If you love socializing, still booze parties dont need to be the only excuse. See? the only point is saving everything from things that you dont care about much and spending all that on things you love. Thats what Mohit has mastered! Read between the lines sweety! 😀

This is one of the most used lighting setup where the flash is from a 45 degree angle to both subject and camera and also at 45 degree top to the subject. If there is anything else that you wish to know about these images or anything about any of the terms used, feel free to mail me.

So that leaves you with another take away from just another photo blog 😉