Yellowwww folks!

Hope u’ve started hustling 😉  Am going to share a very personal struggle today. If u have been ever to my “about me” page, you must be knowing that I have a day job and photography runs on the parallel for me. The only reason I’ve kept it this way till date is coz I cant afford it other way round 😀 And yes theres another reason: fear of failure!

Well, that’s not the matter I wanted to share. I am associated with the corporate industry for close to 6yrs now. Things were all fine till 4 months back. Then I got released from my project onto bench. It was kinda honeymoon period for me. I had no work to do, even showing up at office was not a necessity and thus was having fun with my creative pursuits and was getting paid for that. Sounds awesome? I know! But anyone in the right state of mind can tell at this situation that things were going to turn sour very soon. I too knew that. But I didn’t do anything. What was I doing?….waiting for something to happen. This phase is called “procrastination” or the “waiting for it” phase.

(these btw were shot during an art fair in Lavasa city, M.H.)

Its like looking up, here & there, all around like a stone and wonder if anything is melting :-/

In layman terms, its called waiting for shit to hit the fan. So, 2 months in the honeymoon phase and then a part of my salary started getting deducted since I was generating zero profits for my company. And then one fine day the HR called up to tell me to go look out for  a change!! How cool is that??! Fair enough, the shit has reached the fan and theres going to be a painted room all around very soon. So in order to save the mess, I started running all around, did everything possible to get a switch. Brushed & practiced my core skills, socialized with past seniors, asked for their help and aid shamelessly and so forth. Was hustling madly, spared no single hour on time-pass except for guitar and meditation to keep my senses from going into coma. This is called the “Working on it” phase! And guess what happened then? Ohh meanwhile, I missed telling that my firm was not able to find anything for me at my current geographical location and were thus pushing me to relocate to a new city to get billable. So, obviously I had to take my best shots in air and pray that the bullet hits a bird big enough to feed my family, right here in the same city. Fine! what happened at the end of further hustling of 2 more months is that a project walked up to me out of nowhere within my current firm. I wont say this was the happiest solution i wanted, but could i thank my lucky stars any more? Phew! Such relief!




What did I learn? First, waiting for things to happen will make only one thing happen: Disaster! Second, I don’t need to find the best possible solution to get started on the current problem. I should rather start working on the most workable solution with utmost vigor and hope. Rest? Things will be taken care of! You don’t need to worry what, how, when, from where and such things. All you need is to believe in your guts, get out in the sun and roll! What happened to me wasn’t a heroic thing by any means. Neither is this an achievement of any sort. But, it was a big mess to be cleaned up, my family’s lifeline was on the stake, and yet, could you imagine my guts through the “waiting for it” phase?! You know it, I know it, its not the guts, its not about fearlessness of such a dark day, but its plain simple procrastination. The fear of unknown. The fear of rejection. Most importantly, the doubt of whether the solution in our mind is the best possible one or not. The wait for some magic, someone to show up and magically solve our problem.
We all do this, right? We all behave this way in our minor or major problems of life, habits we are ashamed of, habits that are doing bad things to us, thought processes that’s dragging us to the zone of uselessness. We all keep looking for the best possible solution, though our experience can tell us anytime that there is no sure way to get anything on this planet…some efforts work immediately and some dont. Waiting and searching endlessly will gain you nothing but deeper doom. What is needed? Taking your best shots in the direction that is most workable for you and believe that the right bird will get hit and you are going to reward yourself for all the sweat and discomfort….and ofcourse secure a proud tomorrow! 🙂



Cheers to the hustlers! 🙂