Hello darlings!

Sorry for the long gap since my previous post. It has been a very daunting month for me….. only eased by the beautiful couples i got to shoot, to say the least. Wedding photography has the weight of the world! Trust me on that! Its bigger than like playing for national team….here you are responsible to bring out the best of someone’s most important day of life [which apparently comes only once in their lives, except for celebs :)] The pressure of shooting a wedding has woes that cannot be expressed in words. Each such assignment is an extreme honor and yet its pretty intimidating.

When someone chooses a photographer for their wedding, what is presented is a huge shoes to fit in. Couples who come to me for their wedding already have an idea of the work i do and thus have certain expectations built before even we meet first. Archita and Arvind approached me through mail and after few exchanges we decided to meet. There were few mutual hiccups but then we levelled it all. Arvind is software engineer by profession and a guy who wouldn’t take NO as answer. Archita by profession is a s/w designer and a strict critic as an artist. I had my own apprehensions as to why i felt i wasn’t a match for her expectations πŸ™‚ But once taken up the job, i am there with all my heart and soul.

Arvind is a one man army. He is great at getting any job done and can handle any crisis by himself even at the 11th hour! Archita on the other hand is a perfectionist who has a fine taste for everything she has and does. Though she jokes that selecting Arvind has been an exception πŸ˜€ It was a nice sunny summer day when they got married and the crowd was amazing. They both have a bunch of really cool friends who are the typical college gang that we all love and miss. Meanwhile I was freaking out as it was a real tough assignment considering the lighting situations inside hall. Nevertheless, Arvind and Archita make a beautiful couple together and that was evident in their solidarity and happiness that carried out their wedding day. Two days later, we did their couple portrait session and they affirmed my thoughts about the strong bonding they share. Heres wishing decades of joy and love to the amazing couple they are πŸ™‚

Few of the shots from their portrait session are here.

Visit their home if you like to take a look at the rest in print and if you are hungry for some amazing food at Archita’s parents house who live close by πŸ™‚

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