Howdy folks!
Lemme begin by just saying “what you envision will come true if you can hang on long enough”? πŸ™‚ I’ve 2 examples to back it today….another dream come true marriage between 2 passionate souls in love and a dream wedding shoot as for me πŸ™‚
I am extremely happy to have been a part of the saga that Anand and Aparna dreamed of and made true….the rest of world terms it as marriage. Their’s is a typical story of “two states”. Anand hails from the colorful north and Aparna belongs to the ecstasic south. 3 shooting days with them…..and i clearly could feel the pulse Anand & Aparna thump for each other. They are an adorable couple and great fun to be with.
I met them 1.5 months ago. Aparna first reached me while i was busy with a baby portrait session and somehow we werent able to catch each other for 2 days! Then few sms and mails and they fixed a meet after viewing few of my prev. work. I was referred to Aparna by one of her friends (thanks Sharmila!) who had seen my work before and i was pretty humbled to know that she trusted her friend’s words so much that they went ahead to give me a chance for their almost perfect wedding [that says a lot about the super strong pack of friends they both own….it was evident throughout the proceedings of the ceremonies]. Of all the weddings i’ve shot or attended till date, this was arguably the most beautiful one. There was such intense attention to detail given into everything about their wedding….from the dresses, accessories etc to the venues, decoration, food and other participating vendors. I better let the images speak for the gorgeous wedding extravaganza that Anand, Aparna and their parents & friends had put together:

Anand has the enviable Enfield & a matching macho personality and yet sports a child like innocent smile. Aparna on the other hand has killer eyes, she can talk volumes with just her eyes and i couldn’t avoid picking few between their wedding ceremonies as i was shooting πŸ™‚
We had an equally nice couple portrait session before their wedding. One of the shots is shared here : facebook. I wish i could share more from the session, but couple portraits are something very personal. So i refrain πŸ™‚

And ohh! There are 2 things that deserve a special mention in their wedding. First is the pundit. He is originally a yoga teacher but had to agree on doing the tilak and marriage functions since he belongs to Anand’s father’s hometown and uncle strongly insisted on having him. He was a total chill out guy! He was extremely patient in catering to every demand by the elder relatives and also the pundits from Aparna’s side. Two thumbs up to the super cool pundit ji! πŸ™‚ And next is the gang of ladies from far north (Anand’s relatives) who were gung ho with their sassy not-to-be-missed-at-any-cost songs throughout the wedding nite, which kept the glucose levels at the peak of everyone around even at the wee hours of 4am πŸ™‚
Anand & Aparna were amazing as hosts, their friends were super cool to gel with and communicate, their families were so gracious and cooperative….i felt so much at ease with everyone around there even though there was rarely any exchange of talks!
I have been extremely lucky to get a chance to shoot such an ridiculously amazing wedding in such gorgeous sets. Hope i have been successful in doing justice to their expectations πŸ™‚
Do visit their home to pass on your blessings for their new beginning…..and insist for the albums if you liked what you saw here πŸ˜€