OK Bimal!
Here’s the thing. You are one hell of a reader having a plethora of sources of knowledge about everything that may bug your quest, you have an amazing bunch of people who have the caliber and experience to give quality advice on any damn problem, you are a matured grown up who has a good sense of whats good and whats bad and so forth and so forth.

And then you don’t like the way your life is moving rite now. The finances are hitting bottom from quite a while, the health is being ignored like your performance at work, there are bills to be paid, vacations to be made, charity to be offered, projects to be worked upon, goals to be won and so on! Everything is so f***ing pending man!!! And you understand very well that “if you continue doing things that you’ve been doing till date, you will continue gaining what you’ve got till date”.

Yea! its hard to reflect upon oneself and focus on the strengths.




And then at the same time, you know exactly what to do about it. If not correct it right away, atleast hustle to make things better. You have a fair sight of whats harming you so regularly. You have a clear idea of the best regime for present, but you aren’t following! You simply aren’t following the regime! Why the hell arsehole?! Why are you comforting yourself with watching movies on laptop and indulging in mindless browsing and spending evenings burp-talking with your friends? Why cant you streamline your social scene and engage more into getting work done? Why the hell man?! Why?!

Yeah i know the regime you’ve built is going to be painful to follow. But you aren’t scared of suffering that pain, are you? No! Right?? Yeah no! Then why not take that pain and walk away with the golden sweat darling?! Just get down, get dirty and work your arse up! You know there is no other way out! Lets not bullshit over the smart talk that our generation talks “hard work just pays, its smart work that wins”. To win, you need to know the rules and tricks of the game and only sheer hard work can teach you those, right?! Then go! Get your arse off!!! Let the world make a movie on you when you are 50 and then you sit down to watch that with the rest of world….till then script your movie Bimal! Make it happen!

Yes the colors are brightest at dusk too! So what that the sun is going down right now? Just hold on and keep working….its going to be dawn soon!




A close friend sent a mail today which stirred me up like steroids into bloodstream:
You’re not scared of the dark. You’re scared of what’s in it.
You’re not afraid of heights. You’re afraid of falling.
You’re not afraid of the people around you. You’re just afraid of rejection.
You’re not afraid to love. You’re just afraid of not being loved back.
You’re not afraid to let go. You’re just afraid to accept the reality that s/he’s gone.
You’re not afraid to try again. You’re just afraid of getting hurt for the same reason.

So! Identify your fear man! You are just scared that what if this regime doesn’t work out, right?! Well! Go ahead and verify! It wont! You are scared that it will take too long to make things correct, right? Well! if you don’t start, it would never! Right? Comeon! Just start sweating it out! Go and hit the road dude! Start!!!!

It rained like crazy few days back, seemed like the skies were reflecting upon what has been going through me. And at the end of it all, there were sparkling rays of hope! It assured me that all I’ve to do is keep going, fearlessly and light is going to meet me at the other end of tunnel 🙂


Sorry readers! I just had to talk this out with myself. Usually it helps to vomit the venom on to you guys, but this time i needed a nice scolding. Someone to screw up the nut real tight and i couldn’t rely more on anyone else but me. I may have judged these same words if it had came out from someone else’s mouth. So i thought of better chewing my own pistol’s bullets.
If you are in wait of such a kick on your butt, just screw up yourself on the mirror; today. Right now! Write yourself a letter and pour out the truck load of loathe, anger and gasoline. Fire yourself up! And if it works out, lets meet up next weekend and celebrate the burns, OK?! Its better to lick your wounds after a gut wrecking blood smashing fight inside the ring, than stand trembling outside the ring and fantasize an imaginary day when you would win. Lets just tighten the screws!