Hi there!
Its 17 past 12 at midnight and am enjoying solitude. Its one of those very rare times. A typical summer night. The breeze coming through the window is so cold and nice. Am alone at home, missing my wife badly. James blunt on the background is mesmerizing the moments with his amazing voice from his album “Chasing Time_ The Bedlam Sessions”. And am going through a sea of amazing work by amazing creatives ruling the art world. Meanwhile, sharing few moments of joy and happiness with myself watching few snaps from an amazing road trip i had with few my most beloved ones sometime back.




I just heard one of my Guru’s: Jeremy Cowart speaking at the Google+ conference saying “make your each day count. Wherever you land, land with a purpose”. That is a killer takeaway from his amazing hour long presentation. I just wrote a huge thankyou mail (not even sure if he would read it), but i made that hour count. Ekhart Tolle writes in his book “think rich to grow rich” that “if you want the riches of people you envy, bless them for what they have earned”!

When we set off for this trip, our only purpose was to freak out like wild!





We all spend days wondering whats up for dinner tonight, whats next in the episode of “when i met your mother” and so on & on. We even wonder “why on earth am I working?” We want to be eligible enough to wake up someday and declare “am not going office”! Hehehe! Well, the crux of all that is that in between all this hush-rush, we hardly stare back at the amazing past we passed through. There may be suitcases filled with images from the yesteryear’s, memory disks full of cheerful moments captured during times of radical enjoyment but do we ever visit them back? Ohh hell! what pleasure! Spend a lone night gushing through those forgotten lanes and you will know how worth you’ve lived. How loved & blessed you’ve been! 🙂






We so badly yearn for more and more love and attention from more and more lovely people around (though they are so rare these days). And in that process we forget to make the moment count. We miss out on doing things that make someone feel good about themselves. We miss out on spending that quality time with our family who so adores our presence and care. We miss out on talking to ourselves who is tired being ignored on the rat race tracks. We miss out on spending a day of purpose! Well, that has become so commonplace now that we hardly even care even if brought to attention. Lets not do that! Lets not be that!

Like us, everybody around is waiting for someone to show up and make their day. You know a good heart? Lucky you! Go upto him/her and tell them that they make your world worth living. Let them know that they play a role in making your life worth and rich. I have no idea if i’ve been of any use to anyone till date, whether my presence could make anyone’s day count till date, but i know that i will strive to do so henceforth! Thankyou to all my beloved friends and family who make my life go round. You make my life worth it and makes me proud! The rest of Readers! You are my only company in moments of solitude. Like now! Thankyou for always being there! I feel your presence and i treasure it so very much!

I dont know what else to say! Am at peace with myself 🙂 [though its 40 past 1 am now :D]