Howdy folks!

Its been long since i came here and its been dearly busy time for me. Believe me or not, I havent had evening tea with my wife in past half a month! Not a single day! Am somehow squeezing out some of my midnight oil to share my recent activities with you all….specially coz of the commitments i have towards the couples i shoot 🙂

Meet Latha and Shreyas. Latha and myself are now very familiar with each other. We know one another since the time she was coordinating & arranging most things for her best friend Aparna’s wedding (who’s Aparna?). All through Aparna’s wedding she was the go-to person for me regarding any queries, but immediately thereafter she vanished. I didnt even get to see comments from her regarding the work i did for Aparna. I was in belief that she probably was disappointed by my work coz she was very particular about what she wanted for her best friend’s wedding. Fast forward 2 months and Aparna called me to give the good news that Latha is getting married to her love 🙂 And she wanted me to be her photographer. And i was like : Ammmm… i know! 😉

Latha and Shreyas are my first couples who share very close geographical origin as compared to rest all i’ve shot. A glance at them and you can tell they belong to the vibrant South India, still 2 states! 🙂

They belong to the infamous IT services industry 🙂 Met each other there. Found love and made up minds to become lifelong partners. Is a couple where both are good looking and matured (unlike usual 😉 ). Both hail from families that have very strong connection to their culture, beliefs and lifestyle. Talk about their mutual flair, they share the same passion yet they are totally different. Latha is an outgoing, love loving sweetie. Shreyas on the other hand is a raw, more composed, reserve. And thus they compliment each other well. Very genuine and warm people in total 🙂

Heres wishing the lovely couple a long lovely lively courtship!

Cheers Latha & Shreyas!