Yello Charlies & Angels!!
A weekend stormed by IIFA awards and amazing performances of Dance India Dance little masters, and loads of hard work…….all re-energized and re-vitalized by the amazing memories of a gorgeous wedding i got to shoot a week before.
Meet Shree and Swati. They are the first ever couple i shot whose is an arranged marriage. Yes, the first time I met Shree and Swati, i had a meeting with another couple (whose is a love marriage), and i told them that every couple i shot till date were love marriages and now that i’ve told that, this interesting coincidence is going to break 🙂  & lo! 😀
Shree and Swati met each other through the most traditional partner searching ways. Yuppa! matrimonial site. Shree had a strange inhibition against girls named Swati and lo! 😀 Swati is an extremely sweet person, sweeter at heart than her looks. A very absorbing personality. Shree on the other hand is a on your face frank, fun loving loving guy. A very shrewd witty person. No matter what the differences (including height ;)), they compliment each other extremely well. Shree and Swati share an amazing bunch of friends who are super kewl on their own and are a total firework show when together.
The day of engagement was lit up with mind blowing performances by family members of both the bride and groom. The sangeet was a total blast and the party thereafter didnt take a pause till late midnight. The pause ended next eve, when the sparkling wedding eve unfolded. No dance, no pomp, but the show was fizzing with energy, colorful rituals and gorgeous people. Heres to the charming couple they are:

Wishing a super duper fun & love filled life ahead.
Cheers Shree and Swati!