Yello dear ones!

Hope there are dreamers out there who are burning their mid night oil in hope of a colorful future 🙂 Its 20 past 5 in morning and am yet to hit the bed! Have been going through such rigorous schedules for more than 3 weeks now and no break seems to be arriving soon. The last week of June was bombarded with shooting assignments for me. 4 occassions in 7 days. I was on the verge of collapsing after all the running errands and shooting stress. But this couple were pretty easy on me and gave me all the soothe i needed to fullstop a tiring week. The couple – amazing, their families – such cheerful, the venue – gracious, the food – yummm! and so goes the list 🙂

Meet Satish and Deepa. Elegance and grace personifies Deepa. While style and charm defines Satish.

I’ve been told that Satish is a very talkative stag and is often outgoing. But from the few interactions i had, i rather found him to be a composed stud. He has a killer smile (with dimples & all :)) and ditto with Deepa. Satish again belongs to the infamous IT services world and is a linux champ (oooo! :D). Deepa on the other hand is a biotech teacher and a PhD in making (whooaaa! :)).

Satish and Deepa not only share their geographical origins (the vibrant south India) but also their grand families!!! I wont say a word further to that on that matter 🙂 India is a land of wild traditions and heritage. I many times find myself horn locked with elders over the traditions we follow. Huhhh! it is what it is.

That being said….Love knows no boundaries, regularities, obligations or any such factors among the rule book. You fall in love and rise above everything worldly. Thats how it is, and thats how it should be. Else Earth like any other planet would have been a very boring place to live 😀

Back to the lovely couple….Satish and Deepa are too good at favoring each other with pampering gestures. The host of surprises and goodies both planned for each other on their engagement day is a solid proof of that. Never before did i see the groom bring a bouquet for his bride on the engagement or wedding ceremony 🙂 and that was just the begining!

Heres to the sparkling, bubbling, fizzing couple:

Wishing loads of love and blissful colors all through the long courtship!

Cheers Deepa & Satish!