Howdy folks!

Anybody up for occupational hazards? Anybody? You? you? Yo! Lets catch up over beer 😀

Lets start with the dictionary meaning. Occupational hazard means : A working condition that can lead to illness or death. Stop. Think. Are you facing something that sorts….on and off at work? Thats killing your spirits? or health? or you in total? I see smiles coming up! But first….sincere apathy to anyone out there who has lost something or someone to this. Yes there are occupations which involve extreme dangers as part of daily job and accidents do happen.

But, am not talking about them. This is about those hazards which almost all of us are affected by, no matter what the profession. The occupational hazards owing to effects into our mental systems….those that happen very gradually. Nothing accidental about it. So what is it then? Lets take one example.

Its half past 8 in night and you are driving back home after a grueling day’s work. You are too occupied at your top floor with all the shit goin on at office. And you suddenly scream out of your choking heart. Sheer frustration. You screamed as though someone just blew a hammer on your Ferrari’s bonnet! A poor soul who was driving beside you on the road freaked out as a result (he too was too occupied at his top floor with similar shit you see?!). He lost balance and slammed into a pole!…or may be just landed into the sideways canal! That’s the kind of occupational hazard am talking about. OK, here it wasn’t you who got hurt. But almost always otherwise you are the one! 😀 Ye ye! we have other brilliant examples now! So, now you on board. Lets talk about our dreams now.





Dreams all of a sudden?! O hello dudes n babes! Its these hazards coz of which you dream to own a company of your own & be a boss of all. No? Ok, probably you want to own a tea stall. No? Ok, you want to be a painter, or dancer, or a traveler, or a swimmer or some such thing, no?! Yes? Ok. Good! So now you have this ‘Alice in wonderland’ assumption that when you sail off on your own, suddenly the world is going to be a place where there are only angels and saints all around. All in their right state of mind, practical expectations, humble voice, humility deep within, generous attitude and so on (every such thing thats rarely found at your office). Ye?! No?! Havent thought about that?! Ohh comeon! How else do you dream that when you start something of your own, its going to be a far more beautiful world (of work) then? You will wake up at your wish, eat when you want, go to work when you want, roam around dating when you want, go shopping/watching movies when you want and so on and so forth! Those are the primary luxuries that you’ve set because of which you’ve decided to depart from your 9 to whatever job. Right? Agrrhhhh! If u r nodding NO, then probably you need to visit your doctor :p




Lets set the expectations right then. No matter what you do, no matter what your job be, no matter where you work, you are going to serve another fellow human. Sing?, you are singing for someone else to listen. High jump?, you are jumping for few thousands to make proud. Cook?, you are cooking for someone else to pamper their taste-buds. And so on. Which then means, there are expectations set on you. OK, you are doing it coz you love doing it. But unless you are a weirdo who doesn’t give a damn if someone compliments you, until then you are being watched and rated baby! Cool, so that means you have to be a professional at that (whatever you love doing). Which means you need to put ridiculously strenuous efforts to sharpen your skills. Then put it to test. Hope that people find it interesting enough to review it. Then wait for the ratings. If they like it, then put a price tag on it and start marketing. Hope again that they find it worth enough to convince themselves that its interesting enough! And then if they come to you, pay and get the service/product……congrats! You made one sale! Hurrayyy! Now lets sell another piece.


Today, theres more motivation and less productivity being spilled out. There are less Heroes and more ‘so called trainers’ out there. Theres more analysis and less implementation. More wasted than being earned (respect). More eaten than grown. If you are not willing to grow (your food…… naah! yourself), you are going to die! So the point remains that no matter what you do for a living, there will be occupational hazards. Hazards that are visible and avoidable with caution. And then the hazards that are super transparent and very difficult to avoid. You’ve to deal them. The critics. The morons. The nay-sayers. The pessimists. The sulkers. Anything thats injected negative into your conscience or sub. Anything that stops you from taking action. Anything that blurs your dreams. You’ve to deal with them!



Hmmmmm!! You were onboard. Probably now are at the tip of deck. Planning to jump? Willing to quit? Even before you started?! Whoa! Wait darling! Its freezing cold down there. Hang on! Fight! the winds. the waves. the storm. You perish anyways. Better you perish brave, doing something worth, creating something worth, worth your time and efforts, worth your life!

Cheers to the hustlers!