The experience is only a week and half old and am still wondering about the novelty of that instance. Me and my good friends Harry (Haridas) & Karis (Christo) were back from a common friend’s wedding at Delhi. And we took a day off to roam around streets of Bandra (in Mumbai) before we left for home. Bandra is very close to my heart for many reasons. That place still inspires me (though i left it 6 years ago). Its the same with my accompanying buddies too. Anyways, We were chalking the roads on foot and heading towards Mount Mary church near Bandstand beach. A gentleman (must have been in his late 40s) was passing by and Karis happened to ask him for a short cut. He directed us well and parted ways, only to hear a callback from him seconds later. We looked back and he was waving hands to come back. Mumbai is a land of shocks, surprises and terror. You can never predict for sure whats coming to you next. I was skeptical for a second, but considering broad daylight, went ahead with the other 2. We closed the gap only to realize that the gentleman had pulled up his chauffeur driven car to drop us to the church! He wasnt going anywhere with us! nor was the car! He called up exclusively to drop us to the church! Even on generic terms, this is too much of a gesture….but guess what? The car was a Mercedes! πŸ™‚ I was inside a chauffeur driven Merc for the first time in life and it happened this way?! I told you…Mumbai the land of shocks, surprises and many things more πŸ˜‰




I regret, we couldn’t even ask his name. Probably we would never get to know or see him again either. Probably the other two would have already forgotten the incidence. But it engraved a deep mark on me. That guy embossed his personality and a pinch of his heart onto my mind forever. I would never forget that gesture. You may wonder whats so crazy about that happening. Well, the mightiness of your heart can be measured by minute silly things you do…the way you do. How many of you would role play such a favor with 3 strangers in their 30s wandering around your street? I don’t see any hand coming up! Add to that the fact that its Mumbai! And you can fear an avalanche of troubles rolling down to you any time in return of such acts.

One thing was very clear…we had met a guy who had nothing to lose! He feared no one and nothing! Probably he was on the verge of losing something so dear to him that nothing else mattered. Or probably he had gained so much, been there done that, that he knew every possible outcome of his gesture and had things in place to take care in case anything went wrong. People like him are rare like lagoons in a desert and are difficult to find like salt in sand. They may be right next to you and willing to give you a taste of life. But probably you arent deserving it yet!




Thats the point i want to come to. Do you deserve such a favor?! Lets keep every fact aside…it wasnt a big deal, it gained us nothing materialistically, it wasnt an earth shattering experience, we arent deemed blessed to have been given lift on a Merc, we are as silly and lucky as anyone else could have been….etc etc. Forget all these.

Lets just say that such surprise help, such momentary blessing is available to us, around each one of us. But not when we are needing it, but when we are deserving it! Howzzat?! Almost every man alive on this planet is a needy. So what? Needing something or the other at any given moment. How many of them get it all? None! Yet, few among us find treasure in a pit, survive a tornado while being in its middle or some such thing! How?! Why only those few?! Why everyone else perished? I stand to support saying “they deserved it”.

Β What happened with us 3 that day was a big lesson. Am not sure if i got the right lesson and i dont care if there are 10 other lessons that am missing out. Atleast i found one! The lesson being….i have to do enough good to the world to get some good back. Getting a 2min ride on a Merc is nothing…agreed! So what, that i never sat in a Merc before? But it turned out to be a big deal coz of the way it happened to me. Somewhere, someday one among us 3 had given such a strange experience to someone who was least expecting it! And that came back to us (including the other 2 πŸ˜‰ ) I come from a very small town with a very humble bringing up. And I’ve grown up thinking that theres nothing like a Merc. That impression has never faded and would never. For me it was ‘The day i had a ride on a Merc!’


May we grow enough wisdom to realize & believe that “what you give into the world will come back to you” Probably you want to make yourself more deserving?! πŸ™‚