One more down! Or up?!

πŸ™‚ It was Anshu Dawar’s, one of my best friend’s wedding this August at Delhi.

Anshu has been my close buddy from graduation days. He hasnt changed much since then, not even the weight πŸ˜€ One thing that i particularly remember about him is his capability to take things light. He was mighty enough to never be intimidated by ragging, he was intelligent enough to never be intimidated by semester exams, he was smart enough to crack one of the most dreaded company entrance exams (Infosys) without much sweat and above all, he is a very jolly guy. Studies, job, onsite, offshore, big company, small company, dreams, punctures and many things later he found the love of his life. Siksha, my latest girl-friend-in-law. What? no such thing exists? What do i call my best friend’s wife then?! πŸ˜›

Anshu & Siksha found each other through usual proceedings of an arranged marriage. But you cant arrange someone to love you, right? Hahaha! Dont get me wrong, they are made for each other (i know its an overused & thus abused phrase, but honestly it fits them). It was continuous 4 days of music, dance, charm, merry and collaboration between 2 absolutely rocking families! … exactly as you would expect from a grand Punjabi wedding.

I remember my conversations with Anshu since the starting of this proposal as to how committed and open-hearted he was about sharing himself with his would-be. It was those rare encounters with Anshu-the-gentleman in all these years πŸ˜€ I hope he did a good job πŸ™‚ That said, he was equally concerned on what I could do for his marriage at the photography front. He was very pushy about me doing a video coverage in a cinematic way (bcoz we both were tired with the idea of usual traditional footage videographers provide) but that was too much of a challenge for me at the moment. Obviously i was there to capture the magic in stills, but comeon! it was my best friend’s wedding. I was there, more to participate and contribute to the hullaboo than to do a full wedding coverage. I may fall short of his expectations with regards to the shoot, but i had the best of both worlds. I was close with them & their families all the while, did what i love doing most (capturing the story) & also had the comfort of being in close fiend’s company.


Siksha matches Anshu in every aspect that matters. They are in perfect sync regarding idea of a good work life balance, they care for each other like soul-mates should, they love each other like they know each other since ages, they can talk without talks & convey whatever is in heart with ease. Thats it! Full circle! What else do you need to make a happy couple? πŸ™‚ They both have their feet grounded in the IT industry but are rebellious birds! I love the fact that their chemistry is so intense that Siksha compliments every weakness that Anshu may have and that makes my buddy a complete being. They surely are set for an amazing journey ahead.



To say that it was one of the weddings that i was desperately looking forward to, is an understatement. I never had so much fun and never witnessed such awesomeness of celebration in any of the weddings attended till date. Me & accompanying common friends stayed with his family in a cool urban hotel, would wine & dine without breaks, endless nights & days of drumroll and chitchat and merry making. I had one of the best vacations this trip. Close friends, amazing hospitality, great food/drinks/chatter, dance and tons of fun with a very warm grand-family. It was like attending a festival. And as icing on cake, i had an awesome book (The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp) as filler whenever there was any time to squeeze πŸ™‚ I loved every moment being part of it and returned back so refreshed that the energy and positive vibes still rule my mind & day.

God bless the amazing couple and their gorgeous families!