Ola darlings!

Its been quite some time. Hope you all have been doing great all this while. I’ve been away from the shooting mania since August. Though there’s never a drought of plans, but some thing or the other keeps pushing the envelop and that overshadows the urge to shoot. The birdie of my nest flew for a foreign land few days ago and I was feeling little stranded the moment i left her. I returned morning 3 a.m. that night and came to know that few of my buddies were planning an outing. So i slept 3hrs and left with them….just to keep myself away from the sudden emptiness back home.




Kaas has been a target place since very long for me and Chris (the lonely planet buddy :)) For those who dont know Kaas, this valley blooms with large gulfs of flowers just after the monsoon ends. The catch is….it lasts only for 3-4 weeks and every week a different family of flower blooms and dies out to give prime to the next family 🙂 Its pretty charming a cycle, but thankfully a pain for those who aren’t traveling enthusiasts or cant spare an outing every weekend. Its almost 3 hours drive from Pune and the journey is only as awesome as your company 😉 …mine was undoubtedly awesome!





Last year me and Chris attempted and failed miserably. When we reached there, Kaas had nothing but knee height wild grass as can be seen here. As per locals we missed the final patch of bloom by a week or 10 days 😦  It has been a long wait of 1 year since then. Somebody that time said “company matters” 😀 and so we took her along this time. Hehehe…we caught the bloom luckily!





Fine! amass all the beauty that you see here, i had reasons to call the title of blog “the half dead…”. We met an adolescent local and he was like : “2 years ago, nobody used to come here except for nature & photography enthusiasts. This place used to be much more heavenly. The rains have lowered this year and the variety of flowers too have drastically reduced”. That said, the ones who accompanied this trip….none of them exclaimed even once “Woww!” 😦 Thats sad! You need to put efforts to see beauty here now. What you are viewing here is an outcome of reaching down, meeting these little buddies at their level, some heart to heart exchanges and appreciation of mutual existence! U getting me? Heart to heart exchanges people!





Dont get me wrong, the authorities are doing everything possible to keep the sanctity of the place secured. There are barb wires now. The place isnt an open beauty any more. Parking lots away from the blooming area have been identified, pickup & drop buses arranged to drop you to spot and back, absolutely no stalls or eateries around etc etc. There are policemen and local men taking care of these arrangements coz rules & requests alone dont work, we humans need someone to screw in case such simple regulations aren’t observed. Well, so if littering is being monitored, drivers arent allowed to run their cars over these little beauties & so on, then whats ruining such places over years? Pollution. Global warming. Disrupted seasons. Lack of rains. Climate in one word. Yes! what we are doing here 100s of miles away are distorting the entire magic & killing these hapless lives.





Huhhh! I know! We so dearly wish there was some simple solution to this. Never mind…atleast we can do our part to keep the surrounding clean, reduce wastage of water/eletricity/food etc, be more thoughtful about family planning and avoid the temptation of having 2-4 kids 😉 and yes….be a monitor/inspiration to those around us on same 🙂





I was happy to see that most parents were pretty tight on their kids on yelling “hey! dont pluck any of those flowers!” Yes we have hope as long as we hold ourselves responsible of taking care of Mother Earth!





Its hard to realize and accept that a flower so silly like one below is now a visual marvel to generations today. I grew up playing amongst vast spans of shrubs covered with these minute buddies. I never had an idea i would someday have to travel 3 hours from city to see them!





So heres the wrap up….if you love something/someone so dearly, you cannot help but take care of it every day! Obviously you have that swarm of love and abode towards your spouse, kids, parents, intimate friends etc. but its time to add Mother Earth to that close family! Lets train ourselves and the younger generations to grow that fondness and cultivate intense love towards her. So much that taking care of her becomes an effortless act in the way we live!





I hope i didnt leave you guys as disappointed as the title of this blog as we reached the end. We can spare that ton of love to this amazingly gorgeous planet we dwell, yes? 🙂 Heart to heart talk with nature people! Heart to heart!

Cheers to those who care!