‘Your company will make you what you are’. More than anything you have ever thought to be important…..your education, hard work, fate, faith and so on…..your circle can be the single biggest hammer/jammer to your success. No kidding. Introspect with a calm mind and u would sure realize. E.g. being in the best school/college makes you a better student coz the of the fellow students, not the course curriculum or campus size. Same goes for your workplace, sports group, arts class & so on. You got to have the right kind of people around you to nurture your baby (your dream), help you find the right audience/client/firm, caress you with first aid whenever you fall and injure your confidence & energy and also be the warning board when you are on slippery roads. Yes, its only you who can make yourself walk but its undeniable fact that we cant flourish without help or favor. (On a side note, begin by being of use to others and then you can hope for similar happy accidents :))

crime branch


Theres a theory that “you will become the average of 5 people you spend most of your time with”….which is an obvious corollary to the title quote of this post 🙂 Trust me its a scary fact! You being awesome at something can be a wasted bliss if you are in wrong company.
Statutory warning : being alone is not a good alternative to having idiotic circle. Sure enough….avoiding stupids would make a big positive impact on your achievement levels. But if theres really such scarcity of awesome people around you, make great books your best friends. Read auto/biographies of achievers, books on contemporary topics or creativity etc and you will be doing yourselves a big favor.

So put efforts in finding good people and then further efforts to become honestly great friends with them. Contrarily, there will be junctures when you would find your one time great friend in the slot of “energy suckers”. Its better to turn your live-wire relation into a luke-warm poodle in that case. But if still he/she is bringing negativity into your thoughts/life then breaking up with them may be the biggest favor you did yourself in a long long time. I wouldnt be lying if i say that i’ve given up on few of my old friends who acted detrimental to a healthy and motivated mind or to my guarded privacy. Luckily such departs have been very few. But each such sacrifice has gone a long way in making my life extremely peaceful and fruitful. I’ve been extremely lucky to have some amazingly nice people (though none into creative pursuits) in my close circle who have been saviors, teachers, the wall i can lean on to and sometimes the only reason to smile and move on. I dont credit all that companionship to my personality or character, but to the efforts put into making those relations live strong and get deeper.

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This new year beginning do yourself a favor….give your utmost priority to jot down top 3 things you are going to do to yourself to make this year a substantially diverse and successful year you ever had. Let ‘improvising your circle’ be the 1st of 3 in your list to start with 🙂 It takes immense patience & strength to stand up to yourself and follow a rule with consistent honesty & discipline. So reward/treat yourself for every minute success you got….no matter how small a challenge you’ve overcome.
Lets make an impact this year! On our own lives! And in the world around us!
Happy new year darlings! Cheers!