One time acquaintance and now a good friend….Latha got married to her love the past Friday.

My new year starts! πŸ™‚ The first wedding story of 2013 that i got to portray.

Latha and Shreyas together make an amazingly lovely couple. A very simple, cuddled, loving pair. Latha has a smile to die for and Shreyas matches with an enviable personality. I got to hear that there were quite a many girls who had crush on Shreyas. Giggles πŸ˜‰ Latha is crisp with her talks, can engage you in hours long conversations that never bore. Meanwhile Shreyas is a grown up, any girl would wish to be armed with. He talks less, giggles less but never falls short on caring and pampering his darling πŸ™‚

I met Latha first time when she was hand picking every arrangement for her best friend’s wedding. Few months later i got booked for her own wedding. Was super elated to know that her’s too is a love marriage. I already have a post on her, her beau, their love story… all in the link here in case you missed her engagement & more πŸ™‚ click here

Almost 6 months after shooting their engagement at Mumbai, we again met a week before their wedding for their couple portrait session. Shreyas wanted some colored skies and lotsa solitude, so sunrise became the choice. Morning 5 a.m, we 3 and their awesome bunch of friends packed up and zoomed to Lonavala. Heres one from the day :


Latha & Shreyas



We had a crazy time, shooting and chilling out :p I wouldnt shy from repeating that they got a really tight group of friends & family who love and pamper them like crazy. I had very feeble idea that there were more surprises in the coming. Their families (specially Shreyas’s) host a galore of amazing artists. From elderly to the very young, most of ’em were carnatic maestros: singing, violin, flute and so on! As an aspiring artist, i was darn impressed by them all. And a special mention to the superb atmosphere tied up by everyone. Honestly speaking, weddings used to be stressful, outrageously anxious and tensed occasions in personal experience. But the cheer, laughter and merry I get to shoot for such amazing families is a new awakening experience πŸ˜€Β  L & S got married at the posh Turf club, Pune. A classic place for such a tradition-rich wedding. From decor to getup to food, everything was very deep rooted, earthy, aromatic and so unusual. To the extent that all their guy friends showed up in all white shirt and golden bordered white “veshti” (dhoti). I personally loved every bit of it. Perhaps thats my mallu genes doing the talking πŸ˜€Β  Heres a short clipping of how Latha, Shreyas and their friends & family rocked the show :



God Bless dear ones!