Two full days of love, bliss and merry!

Nikhil and Mugdha got married in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra few days ago and i was lucky to be hired to do the story telling 🙂

Nikhil and Mugdha have known each others since ages….well almost 🙂 They have been best friends for all that while since their graduation years. Being best friends for years has an advantage…you know whether to marry the same person or not….and if not, then ask who else? 😀 Nikhil is a guy with enviable charm. He’s always in a state of ‘chill’ and anytime is pleasure to talk with. Mugdha on the other hand is a work of grace. She is a play of vibrant moods and is generally coy to interact. Together they are like ply & gum 🙂 They bond extremely well and instantly.

Nikhil & Mugdha got wed on 14th feb (what a day to wed sir ji!) and had their haldi function a day before. It was two days of love and grandeur….such majestic arrangements and such amazing hospitality by both the families. Almost everything was picture perfect. Awesomeness at such level is possible only when everyone involved holds him/her-self responsible for the day. Mugdha’s brother Ninad was noticebly the go-to guy for anything required at the 11th hour. Nikhil’s sister Sarika was one among the pivotal gelling agents between both families. Each one around were in their best spirits all through those 2 days (which is bit rare if u know what i mean 🙂 ) Everything about those two days was smooth, peaceful, frolic driven and jam packed with sumptuous food. Am a foodie and thus cant resist raving about the food at their functions….it was AWESOME! 😀
There was surprise rain on the day Nikhil arrived 😉 The evening function thus got moved from outdoor lawn to a closed gallery area. Every shift in arrangement was lightning fast and super smooth. With Indian weddings, there’s already so much mess going on in 10 directions that such transitions call for even bigger mess usually. But here it was commendably silent & seamless. Nothing in those 2 days spoiled anyone’s spirits to any bit. Gorgeous women clad in jaw dropping attires, sporty men in classy getups, big guns in guest list, grand decors & music arrangements, super warm hospitality, slurp slurp yummy food  and peace …..were the main highlights of how their wedding concluded.

Heres wishing tons of joy and peace to the awesome couple : Mugdha & Nikhil!