Howdy folks!
Long time no see, haan?! 😀 Ahem! Am not going to talk much today. Instead i will let ‘myself’ do the talking :p

Below is a short video (13mins. thats the shortest i could get, coz i’m a talker :D) talking about my recent jump off the cliff. Yeap! I quit my day job and have took up photography as my only source of bread & butter.

I could have done a better job with the video, but trust me…its more about the time than the quality 🙂 My DSLR’s microphone isnt working and few days ago (in lust of HD video) recorded audio (in my point & shoot cam) and video (in dslr) seperately; did mixing and stuff. But wasnt convinced with the content. Thus, this crappy 16:9 ratio version instead of the HD screen ratios:

So the wrap is:
One, throw all the fear out of window
Two, stop thinking about rest of world
Three, have faith in oneself
Four, go out and do whats necessary no matter what!
Thanks for watching/tolerating/not dozing off/not blistering your screen! 😀
Feel free to yell at me for this torture at : or +919552171314