It was 2 days of spine breaking series of ceremonies, functions & celebration πŸ™‚

Ritesh and Priya(nka) got married on a hot summer day at a place that isnt hometown to either of them. It was the first ever wedding (amongst all those i shot) which had such a gigantic attendance. If all of those who came to shower their blessings and best wishes (….and kept coming throughout the day from morning till eve) were to be seated at one instance, it would have occupied an entire football stadium πŸ™‚

Ritesh and Priya both belong to small villages pretty close to Jalgaon (M.H.). If we keep aside the fact that northern M.H is comparatively very dry than rest of state, then whats left is a colorful plethora of traditions, overwhelmingly warm hospitality with no shortage of love that can quench any dry heart πŸ™‚ This stands true to both families. Ritesh and Priya both belong to very humble, down to earth parents and you can make that out as soon as you spend few minutes with them. R is a pretty sharp guy, quite well versed with smart wits and a very absorbing heart. P on other hand is a very coy, cheerful girl with an equally pampering heart.

It always surprises me when a couple like P & R getting arrange-married, compliment each other so well and develop such beautiful chemistry within such short period of knowing each other. Ritesh is leaving for States (only a week later to his wedding) as part of his official assignment. Yet another (metro) couple who faces the same disappointment of departing as soon as they bond! Heres wishing a speedy togetherness to both of them and zillion more moments of happiness & merry πŸ™‚


You may find their wedded bliss beaming in thisr photo : here


Thankyou so much Ritesh & Priya, for having me on the most important day of your life and for such amazingly warm treatment. I am humbled!