There is a saying that goes something like “Brushing your teeth doesnt last long, so is with inspiration. Thats why we recommend it daily” πŸ™‚

Most of us live a salary driven life, where everything is run in accordance to the deposit to be arriving next month 1st week. When keeping that lifeline alive becomes the daily run, everything about your day can become a rut. For many many it becomes daily drudgery. That my darling is dangerous. Coz that kills all your possibilities to exceed and thus succeed. If waking up everyday weights your mind and mood with a foul, uninterested thought of attending office/college/family chore, you arent going to last long on the happiness scale. Wreck that up!

daily chore


You know what is drudgery? Have you seen a granny who wears a set of duplicate teeth? As she wakes up, she has to wear that uncomfortable foreign body to help her chew a stuff or two, to make her smile less cute but more acceptable to society at large. That is drudgery. When you’ve to depend un-escapingly on something or someone to spend another day of your life normally. Or may be go meet someone suffering from cancer. That is drudgery redefined. You will know how amazing your mornings deserve to be. How better your mood and spirits need to be. How dearly you should hug your life for everything that is around you. So wake up with the best of thoughts in mind. Cook up a dream for yourself to nurture today and to do something forward in that direction. Dont waste time wondering what to do. Go roam a bookshop – learn a thing or 2 about someone great, go roam a street and watch people/street vendors/shop owners and pick a lesson or 2 to use for yourself.

Below is a video made by one of my fav aritsts named Sue Bryce (an Australian photographer) that speaks of one such amazing person who cheers up every day with her live wire spirit and smile. Warning : this contains disturbing images by the end of video.

You may see some amazing images from this shoot at Sue’s site here.
If there is anything that inspires you any time of the day irrespective of whats going on with your life….please go to that act/state more & more often. Daily if possible! May be listening to music, meditating, stroking brushes on a canvas, pumping out at gym, meeting someone awesome in your circle or any such thing. Put efforts for that. It may seem waste of time to you, but its going to cheer you up to spend the rest of day ‘awesome’!
For me? Its generally an episode of ‘Eat street’ on Fox travelers or ‘Extreme makeover : home edition by Ty Pennington’ or ‘Master chef’ etc where people are doing what they love. To change others lives! Or are pushing harder to reach epitomes of success. Half to 1 hour spent on TV on a gloomy day and my day starts to rock πŸ™‚

Find inspiration daily to cheer up your mood.
Discipline yourself to never lose sight of what you aim.
Work hard like there’s no tomorrow.
And you will be proud of yourself!
Need i say ‘you’ll be successful & happy too’?!

πŸ™‚ Cheers!