Have you ever asked yourself this question? How weird am I? If not, i’ve to say Nature has been cruel to you buddy! Hahahha! Ahem! well, the dictionary meaning of weird varies as follows:
Of a strikingly odd or unusual character;
involving or suggesting the supernatural;
fantastic; bizarre; strange;

But i aint quite convinced that we mean any of these when we use the word “weird”. I feel we relate its meaning to something like “unacceptable to world” or “different enough to raise mass criticism”. Aint it? Strange no?! The literal and our perceived meanings differ so weirdly!! 🙂

But, is being weird really that negative? Like, some people are weirdly too fair complexioned, some are weirdly good at Maths, weirdly..fast at running, ..sharp at dart, ..super correct at guess work and so on. Arent you weird at anything? Weirdly good looking, weirdly..self confident, ..ambitioius, ..dreamer, ..good at matching outfits, ..cult etc etc? If your first reaction is NO! Calm down. Relax! And think again! Nature cant be this cruel to anyone, not to you atleast 😀

buddha purnimaThere was a strange halo around moon this Buddha purnima : Saturday, May 25, 2013. Was lucky to notice as i was at terrace with wife enjoying a moonlit dinner 🙂
OK, so whats the point? The point is that if you have anything of that sorts which can make you stand out in the sea of sameness, boring dogma then you should deliberately work towards bringing it out. That’s your uniqueness! Dont fool yourself saying “thats weird, I better be a salesman.” Coz you are then going by the worldly misconstrued meaning. Some bit of surfing will tell you that the most successful coaches are the ones who brought out the weirdness of their athlete to the outer crust. So much, that they became world class!
I am a weirdo at visual interpretation. Whenever am planning to create something (photograph or painting etc) what i see in my head is part surreal (unrealistically dream like), but it has to be believable. My work as of date is nowhere near that. And that makes it in-explainable. But the urge to bring that vision to life, make it visually available for rest of world makes me a photographer I want to become! 😀 That was a puzzling declaration i know! But that’s it!

The way you see/think/perceive/act different from rest of world may be all you need to shine out right. Who knows?! Go further and check it out for yourself buddy!

the chipped lipA tree at Mahabaleshwar forest (M.H., India). I saw nose & lips; did u?

If you think theres any weirdness within you, be bold, bring it out, stick hard to the people who help you develop it for your good. Or atleast let you be so & aren’t always judgmental! You never know when that differentiation, your uniqueness can make you world class! Nobody calls an usual, regular person (at skill, looks or otherwise) a Hero or Awesome! 🙂 Like Albert Einstein famously said “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid”.

Cheers to you weirdo! 🙂