Its the second time in last 40 days that i happened to visit Kerala. This time to celebrate the wedding of one of my oldest friends, my chuddy buddy Maneesh. Maneesh and me were classmates for a long time and our bonding kept tight through decades. Now that we both have families, things may change 😀
I got a 2nd chance to visit Palakkad (Kerala) his home town. Its an extremely beautiful place where the village like charm is still alive and people still lead a ‘less-is-more’ life. I last visited his home more than 10 years ago and nothing much has changed yet. Narrow, raw roads lead to gorgeous houses amidst vast green fields. You can hear peacocks, get to see a lot of colorful unique birds and the clean fresh air is such a therapy to any poor soul tied to a metro.

serene palakkad




Maneesh married one of his best friends Diana. They both were colleagues for quite long and shared the same friend circle. Its interesting that none in their circle knew about the budding love between two. M & D however claim that they too dint know till very late 😀 Their friends got the news about the secret love only 2-3 weeks before the wedding!
Diana has a smile and charisma that can flatter anyone. She is an extremely silent type. That may sound relief to any husband 😀 but Maneesh is lucky to have a wife who talks open heartedly 😉 Maneesh arguably has equally charming smile and persona. He can spend hours at a coffee shop without having much to talk about, yet he stirs up great time for company. Anyone in their circle would easily agree that they are very caring towards buddies, maintain a cheerful warmth all the time and are great fun to spend time with.
Both hailing from Kerala comes with a benefit…theres hardly any clash of choice of daily food preferences. LOL! Just kidding. Kerala (so far) plays no role in their love life except for the fact that its a damn beautiful and romantic set up to get married at 🙂 They got wed at the epic Shri Krishna temple in Guruvayur. As a photographer, its an extremely challenging position to be in. There’s a small altar built high where the wedding would happen. It can accomodate harldy 10 people and the rest of family should watch from down. Theres a small footrest at same height which gives just 1 view and a crammed space with other 4-5 photographers, video grapher etc to shoot. Poor lighting situation, no scope of getting a different view and the icing on cake : Malayali wedding! In case you dont know, mallu weddings get over in 3 to 5 minutes. It wouldnt be wrong to say that the priest has no role to play 😀 I dont feel guilty enough coz it was my best friend’s wedding. So i get the liberty to involve more from heart and forget about the view-finder details, no?! 😀 Well, wedding in a temple is the wishful part of parents most times. The formal part of having the show in a banquet hall comes as rescue to document weddings better. Heres a short glimpse of how their biggest days of life went like:

Both Maneesh and Diana are coy characters who are pretty brash in company of their choice :p They compliment each other’s shortcomings very well. That i guess is all that’s needed for a lovely married life. The pic below would justify all of whats said: the beautiful couple, their gorgeous smiles and the refreshing Palakkad.

you and meThis one was shot at Maneesh’s home! Anyone with such a yard in metro would be a millionaire 😀

Maneesh has been a great chap and an amazing friend to fall back on since very childhood. And from what little i could get to know Diana…they are going to make an awesome family.
Wish you a gorgeous life ahead dear ones!