It was mid july and this year the monsoon has been raining at its best in last 3-4 years in Pune šŸ™‚ Tejas and Neh Akanksha were getting wed to their long time colleague, friend, fiance’ and love on one such beautiful drizzling evening. Ofcourse; they were marrying each other! šŸ˜€
I met T & A almost 5-6 months ahead of their wedding month. I was in awe of the charm they both spelt at the first meet. Neh is a gradual talker. She takes time to know one, proceeds subtly and once close…she is an awesome buddy. Tejas like his looks, is quite an outgoing person. Has a strong wit & composed mind and is a very cheerful chap. Neh and Tejas met each other as colleagues. Their common friends introduced the initial friendship and the bonding took on from there šŸ™‚

It was one of those weddings where everything flows in harmony. With delays. And some spice. And minor jerks. And lots of love šŸ™‚
A classy venue, moody lighting, sumptuous food, classy guests & hosts, vibrant dance performances and superb energy level at reception. A midnight wedding, peppy controversial live songs, heartfelt blessings, a flawed pundit and interesting rituals till mid-night-morning. That pretty much sums up the biggest day of their lives. Heres 1 perspective of how a heart saw it all :



If there is any good in being together, its coz love comes naturally to few pairs. Effortlessly & endlessly.

Heartiest best wishes dear ones!