Hey there! Whassup?! Am doing fine. Thankyou! Just thought of leaking that am still alive and kicking! πŸ˜€
It has been quite some time since I kept low. The plain simple reason being there wasnt any work going on (worth sharing). And to be honest, time went tough. Real tough. Yet its just the beginning. There are going to be times when things may be much more bitter.

Why I thought about sharing this ‘sucks’ part with you is only to let you know that life is not ‘all roses’ on the way to living your dream life. Many in my circle and quite a lot of acquaintances would proclaim that my life rocks. I agree that am living my dream. Because i get to meet beautiful couples, share their most important days of life, get to roam around nice places, get to eat amazing food, get to adore & handle really realy cute babies, share crazy games with kids and get paid for all this! Going a bit further, there is freedom to pick or drop any work, effort put is result gained (without worrying about office politics or similar things), few times get lucky with making new long lasting friends, there is enough leeway about how to spend time with family & friends etc etc. All that sounds so great. No doubt.
the life cycle


But then there are harsh ends too. There’s a ton of performance pressure, expectations are always high, creativity isnt a formula and so banging it spot on is sometimes nerve-wreking, a ton of travelling, deadlines can go crazy (with all the associated traveling & tiredness & sometimes upset health too), everything has to be done oneself (from finding market to marketing to selling to service to delivering finished products) and so on goes the list. However, these are not things that contribute to a down time. What makes a particular phase depressing is lack of work. Its like being in a jail. You’ve to keep your brain busy or it will drive you mad. [Recently watched the awesome ‘Shawshank Redemption’, thus the example πŸ™‚ ]


keeping busy

So all this while, for past around 3-4 months I kept myself busy with a lot of personal projects. Most of which never surfaced πŸ˜€ Its hard to be harsh on oneself in terms of routine, you see? Even the assignments that i was offering (to chefs, dress designer etc) for free (as experiments) didnt work out. There’s a strange law that worked behind it. Law of attraction. Money attracts more money. Success attracts more success. Similarly no work attracts no more work πŸ˜€ Its a common observation in college life too. The guy with a girl will have more girls around him. The lady with a dude will have more dudes around him. No?! πŸ˜‰ Same applies to business. So i kept busy with research work and some or the other experiments (mostly crazy stupid).
Meanwhile theres another fact that rules. Theres no name to it, but lets call it the ‘6 month return cycle’. If you market now, you will have business 6 months from now. If you hit the gym now, you will have results showing up 6 months from now. And so on. I’ve read that many times over, but experienced it first hand recently πŸ™‚

hope always leads

The spine breaking cold is fading away. Things are returning back on rail. There’s again an elevated spirit and sense of gratitude to the universal energies for driving all this round πŸ™‚
Hope you got what i meant to hint you. Hope life is treating you equally nice!