Ola darlings!
Festive season, family visits, tons of sweet, tortured stomach, crazy travelling que, random routine and a grand wedding. Thats how last 10 days were for me! πŸ™‚

One of my best friends Kushmeet got married October end. We have been friends since engineering days. Sunny (his pet name) is the guy from whom i learnt basics of coordial living under one roof πŸ˜€ No kidding! You may be great friends with someone, but living with him/her under same shelter is altogether a different chemistry. Their lifestyle, habits, view point and thought process matter & affect daily life. Most of the time nuances & complaints overshadow agreement. So i’ve always credited Kushmeet for success of my peaceful married life! LOL!

Sunny is a go-grab-it guy. He is one of those who can get overwhelmed even with 2 choices to choose from. But once chosen, he conquers it at all cost. Thats what makes him a ‘marketing guru’ in the making. I’ve no doubts about that stature he will soon achieve. He, like most Sardars is a very jovial, humorous, fun loving chap. Give him an excuse and you may end up dancing alongside! Bhangda paa le….burrrrrrrr oaah!!! πŸ™‚ And that makes him one of my favorite celebration invitees any day!
By the way match making is a strenous ordeal. Am sure most of you know that. His was no different. Making trips & partying whenever possible was his way of venting out the wait! After spending few birthdays (;))searching for his soulmate, Riya came into life! Finding her was a happy surprise for Sunny’s family. Their moms were friends in childhood. Howzaat?!! Its a small world, no?! πŸ™‚
Riya is an equally fun loving girl who is a perfect mix of modern thinking and traditional inheritance. She is into software business analysis and has a knack for traveling. She has checked out more places across globe than Sunny roamed around Pune-Mumbai πŸ˜€ From where i see, thats attributes for a roller coaster life for my paa ji! Hahaaa!!
Their wedding was an elaborate affair of rituals and celebrations with some really amazing bunch of relatives & friends. The festive atmosphere was so rich and intense that you could spot only smiling faces, excitement and hullaboo all around all day & night. Such loving parents and siblings, hardly any tear-in-eye moments, usual schedule hiccups, crazy long lasting dancing routines, superb food, absolutely gorgeous and handsome guests in classy attires…….I can go on endlessly about how awesome those 3 days were. For them, me and everyone involved! πŸ™‚

His wedding shoot gives me a happy feeling in an unusual way. Friends now hire me to shoot their weddings, not just to be a part of celebration like earlier days. Thats a very contending state. Am thankful to him and so many other amazing people who have trusted me for story telling their best days of lives!

This wedding has been one of the happiest happenings awaited in our friend circle. Kushmeet is a beloved friend to many and I’ve no doubts about same for Riya. That makes this a gorgeous union of wonderful seasons to come. Here’s wishing the two an awesome life ahead!