There are few who wait for love and some who pursue & get it. And then there are some to whom love happens 🙂

Indushree and Pramod were colleagues. And the story thereafter is intuitive enough for you all to figure out! 😉 😀
Its very easy to fall in love, but to build it up as a life long relationship takes two committed mature souls. A glimpse at them for few minutes and you can easily make out that P & I are two such people madly in love. Pramod is a coy, i-talk-sense silent types from north and Indu is a vibrant, energetic giggling types from the south. Yup! 2 states again! Their characters compliment each other so well that you may loose all bets of getting bored in their company. Its always a pleasure to be around them and being hosts of the party made them super charmers! 🙂
Both belong to families who are very closely bonded and they share an equally strong circle of friends too. Their engagement eve was special in many a ways : a classy party at a 3 star hotel, amazing bunch of beloved souls who cheered them like celebrities and a buzz of happiness in everyone’s eyes & lips all the time! Oh heck! not to forget how easily Indu & Pramod got cozy every other time their eyes met! 🙂 Here’s a short glimpse :

Their wedding bliss will happen in Jan end and i cant wait enough to story tell the awesomeness that’s going to be repeated then!
Here’s wishing the gorgeous souls a very happy & sparkling courtship! And a rocking (left out) bachelorhood too! 😉

Psst psst! By the way ‘ring two’ in post heading implies they already have a proposal ring ON! :p