Ever since soul searching started for the purpose of my life, i often was left with the feeling that a lot of time has already slipped off. There is only so much time left at hands to make up for an awesome life. The whites showing up in beard, the panting heart after climbing 3 stories and deteriorating capacity to booze always makes me say “ohh boy! am getting old!” 😀 Yesterday while watching a classic ‘one flew over the cuckoo’s nest’ i suddenly screamed “Jack Nicholson! you ridiculous dude! you were balding since youth??!!” I was suddenly relieved that i should be happier for having hair on front head. At least. Hahahaha!

bimal-with-amitabh-bachchanI was a die hard Amitabh fan since back then! But heck i was scared of cameras?! 😀

Today i walked little further towards mid 30’s and the feeling again is “ohh fish! am getting older”. Birthdays in childhood always brought excitement for gifts and closing gap to adolescence. But birthdays past adulthood always brings a stalling reflex “am i doing good? Is the pace of progress satisfying? Have i achieved enough of my age? Ohh! how awesome the past was!” etc etc.

Meanwhile, every other day the heart debates mind as to what makes up for an awesome life? Achieving what all and how much would mark it as awesome? I’ve never got a good answer to it, but have grown to believe that it all depends on how people around treat us.

those-curious-eyesAnd i never got this healthy again! 😀

If you are able to pursue your dreams, your clients credit you for anything good done, if your near & dear ones love you unconditionally, if you have a friend to sit down with every time the mind is disturbed or disappointed, if there is atleast one person other than immediate family who is there to cheer every happiness you want to celebrate :: then life is awesome! That’s what my heart tries convincing! 🙂

me-flying-kiteFlying kites on my terrace gives me such soothe! I love the childhood memories it brings back 🙂

That said, i must say life has been awesome so far! I couldn’t have been luckier with all the support, love and bliss that surrounds my mind & heart! Every kind heart who has ever touched my life : be it my wife, family, friends, past colleagues, a couple i shot, people i met while traveling, shopkeepers who became friends rather than vendors, teachers across globe who taught me stuff through tutorials, blogs, mails etc, and every such person who made me smile at life…..am thankful to each one of you!

Please do know that you make my life awesome and i owe you every good moment i can ever provide you! If there is ever a minute you were looking for someone who would listen, I would be happy to be there!

me-with-wife-at-mahabaleshwarMe with the birdie of my nest!  [a cobbler rarely has good shoes. you know what i mean? 😉 ]

Cheers to the good times!
Glasses clinking, love, laughters & hullaboo!
Yours truly.